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COMMONWEALTH, government. A commonwealth is properly a free state, or republic, having a popular or representative government. The term has been, applied to the government of Great Britain. It is not applicable to absolute governments. The states composing the United States are, properly, so many commonwealths.
     2. It is a settled principle, that no sovereign power is amenable to answer suits, either in its own courts or in those of a foreign country, unless by its own consent. 4 Yeates, 494.

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Tat a pernicious kind of colonial mentality should persist in sixteen pre-independence constitutional monarchies in the Commonwealth of Nations is perhaps only to be expected.
The Commonwealth of Nations is a voluntary association of governments and people of 54 independent countries around the world.
As a member of the new British Commonwealth of Nations, Canada now had full power to make its own foreign and defence policies.
Belize is the only English-speaking country in Central or South America and a part of the British Commonwealth of Nations.
And just as Gaza once was a Byzantine port of great wealth, so Baghdad was the sophisticated multi-cultural, multi-racial and multi-religious capital of a commonwealth of nations that ruled over lands stretching from North Africa to Western India.
The London office is also accredited to the International Sugar Organization, the Commonwealth of Nations and the International Maritime Organisation.
The active participation of Pakistan and Jamaica in the United Nations, Non-Aligned Movement and the Commonwealth of Nations has contributed to the strengthening of these organizations.
11, 1947, celebrated today as Remembrance Day in the Commonwealth of Nations, including the United Kingdom, Australia and Canada, was when Sir Winston Churchill spoke these wise words: "Many forms of Government have been tried, and will be tried in this world of sin and woe.
Meanwhile, there's another crazy Commonwealth of Nations comedian in the city this week.
The Canadian government has blasted the selection of Sri Lanka as the host for a Commonwealth of Nations summit in November that will focus on human rights and security issues, citing Colombo's own appalling record on human rights.
North Wales Police warned residents, particularly the elderly in Gwynedd and Holyhead, not to reveal this information to anyone claiming to represent the Euromillions Commonwealth of Nations Online Lotteryand "International FIFA World Cup Online Lottery".

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