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In view of the latest development of the communicable disease, we would like to urge schools to put in place CI IP's advice and reinforce preventive measures including the additional measure on temperature monitoring, receiving seasonal influenza vaccination as early as possible, proper hand hygiene and proper use of mask, etc.
Diet and nutrition are important factors in the promotion and maintenance of good health throughout the entire life; their role as determinants of chronic non communicable diseases is well established and they therefore occupy a prominent position in preventive medicine.
He said that for the prevention of communicable diseases after disaster, it is important to know the factors causing them, modes of transmission, management of the infectious diseases, and then different preventative interventions to control the spread of communicable diseases.
The resolution has an appendix for the form used to report any communicable disease, level of isolation at hospitals, and a table on the very dangerous contagious diseases such as plague, the yellow fever, anthrax, Mad cow disease, Hepatitis type (B) & (C), HIV / Aids as well as some moderately hazardous diseases such as the avian flu, cholera, malaria, tuberculosis, measles, whooping cough and tetanus.
He said if proper interventions are not made on time, the communicable disease may increase rapidly and have a devastating impact on the already-affected community hit by floods.
Operationalisation of surveillance of communicable diseases in Chandigarh.
Yazigi asserted that the Ministry is committed to providing medicine for chronic and communicable diseases and ensuring their availability.
The most common types of communicable diseases are those affecting the respiratory system such as flu, bronchitis and lung diseases.
Speaking at the summer awareness program, senior health expert Amal Abu Al-Jadayel said: "The most common communicable diseases picked up in summer and during traveling are those transmitted by the respiratory system, such as inhaling the secretions in the spray released by a patient who has a cough or breathing problems, or by using his handkerchief or bedcovers.
The global financial crisis, the devastation of natural and man-made disasters, the non-communicable diseases "time bomb", the re-emergence of communicable diseases and fundamental population shifts, are the major challenges facing nursing and the ICN, according to its chief executive, David Benton.
Published as Communicable Diseases Epidemiology and Control from 1996 to 2009, the reference has been renamed and updated to incorporate both the science and the experience with communicable disease worldwide, particularly the declaration of A(H1N1) influenza--swine flu--as a pandemic in 2010 and steady progress against it since then.

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