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Overall, 169(58%) subjects chose the lectures as the most helpful methods for learning the communication skills while 124(42%) considered practical sessions as the most helpful method.
Conclusion: Doctors who received the workshop designed to enhance the effectiveness of their communication skills were able to satisfy their patients to a greater degree compared as to those who received the placebo.
The package, which took three years to finalize, is the latest development in a movement aimed at addressing communication skills in the medical practice, an effort that began back in the '90s, Saab explained.
I consider communication skills to include not only speaking, but writing, drawing, and conveying a message through technological means.
It was found that interviewees perceived teaching communication skills as something very important and interesting but challenging and difficult.
Research findings showed that there are negatively correlated between communication skills of managers by selecting a control and avoidance strategy in conflict management at the alpha level of 0/05, positively correlated between communication skills by conflict strategies in conflict management at the alpha level of 0/05 (Table 2).
Professional experience in conducting trainings for adults on Communication skills and Management
As previously noted, the 1989 white paper called for an increased focus on the communication skills of practicing accountants.
Literature shows a number of studies on the attitude of medical students towards learning communication skills in the western context, (7,8) but hardly any in Indian context.
1 The patient rating of the physician communication skills is still a predictor for patient satisfaction2 and standardized patients are considered as a tool to evaluate the physician communication skills.
Dr Louise Ferguson also called for refurbishing the communication skills.
2009) findings indicate there is positive and significant relation between communication skills and their efficiency in managers' viewpoint.

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