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A territorial or geographical division of a country or state.

A circuit is the judicial territory over which a court has the jurisdiction to hear cases.

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a periodical journey made to an area by judges. The regularity of the practice led to the administrative divisions of the English court service being described as circuits. The Scottish High Court of Justiciary still sits on circuit around Scotland.
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2, the program propagated itself rapidly using communications channels designed to permit the free flow of messages and data among researchers.
Arsenal will use the communications channel to deliver targeted information to its fans as well as carry out online profiling and promote the Arsenal Plus subscription service to users.
More than half (58 percent) of C-level respondents consider the CEO responsible for new customer communications channels, but less than a third (28 per cent) of middle managers agree with their superiors' assessment, with 38 percent of non C-level executives saying the marketing department has ultimate responsibility for social media and mobile channels.
Portable battery-powered dataloggers in the RDXL Series capture up to 16 analog channels, a pulse channel, and two logic channels and have more than 32 calculation channels and two communications channels. Inputs are insulated and support voltage ranges from 100 mV to 50 V full-scale including a special 1.00 to 5.00-V range.
"We will be exploring other ways to integrate it into Travelers' future advertising and marketing efforts, through one-on-one and mass communications channels," said Shane Boyd, vice president of corporate communications.
"Our products use power line technology as communications channels to work together so you don't need wires to connect a fridge with a home theater or DVD player," says Park.
The company also claims that organisations can utilise the software to use existing communications channels to generate more profitable interactions with customers.
The implementation and use of a common interaction management platform throughout an enterprise enables the company to provide superior service across all communications channels at all times -- either independently via media-specific agents (who retain cross-media channel visibility of current and past interactions) or via "global" users skilled in many communications channels and languages.
Some typical applications are for wireless, full duplex links to remote LAN nodes, reliable digital communications channels in industrial areas with high EMI noise levels or in complex geographical or urban landscapes where the expense of installing new cable is prohibitive.
The approach to becoming a go-to person or firm in a service area is different from that in an industry--the number of potential clients usually is much larger but there are fewer communications channels that reach the target market.
M2 EQUITYBITES-September 21, 2018-New Kinetic Cloud-powered solution unlocks important new communications channels for businesses

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