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It is the critique of the one-sided emphasis on individual civil--or human rights--promoted by liberalism that is the key defining characteristic of the mainstream communitarianism that was to be so influential in the USA--in particular, with the (Bill) Clinton administrations.
It is this critique of the one-sided emphasis on individual human rights, promoted by liberalism, which is the key defining characteristic of mainstream communitarianism (Etzioni, 1995a, 1995b).
And while communitarianism does offer many good solutions to promote strong, solid, and stable social connections inside the group, those never do reach very far--they can only go as far as the particular social group can extend.
Will multipolarization lead to the return to non-Western universalist discourse, or are we heading towards the return of communitarianism in a world where no one possesses the capacity to advance cosmopolitan ideas on a global scale?
Not only did denunciation of fellow group members actually take place as a social practice; it was also (and more important) believed to happen)1 This may explain the contradictory presence in oral testimony of nostalgia for lost communitarianism in the abstract, yet also emphasis on individual qualities as explaining achievements.
MacIntyre has a more developed concept of communitarianism, although he rejects the label as applied to himself.
Christian communitarianism is a social philosophy which "suggests" that life is grounded in an ecclesial community.
A specific ideological product of the reactionary political culture of the United States, communitarianism (already triumphant in Great Britain) is beginning to pollute political life on the European continent.
The challenge for the United States is to continue its transition from individualism to communitarianism and to arrive at a synthesis which enables it to make the most of itself (Lodge, 1990).
These include caring ethics (attentiveness, responsibility, competence, and responsiveness), moral virtues and values, critical social theories, feminist ethics (gender inclusive), and communitarianism.
2) Various forms of communitarianism exist, differing only in the weighting of importance placed either on the community or on the individual.
Like diversity and unity, communitarianism and multiculturalism are often thought to be at odds, oxymoronic concepts invoked to achieve different ends.

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