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Poll Tax

A specified sum of money levied upon each person who votes.

Poll taxes, as a prerequisite to voting in federal elections, are prohibited by the Twenty-Fourth Amendment to the U.S. Constitution and have been held unconstitutional with respect to state elections.

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Table 2 looks at voting changes according to both the 1992/3 level and the 1991/2-1992/3 increase in the community charge bills.
The 1991 Budget included inter alia measures to reduce the community charge per capital by 140 [pounds] to an average of 245 [pounds].
Treatment of the community charge has added to the confusion.
We] have had to admit that, whatever the position in theory, in practice it would be very difficult to ensure that these people were registered for and paid the community charge.
The Tories also took voters for fools by calling the Bedroom Tax a spare room subsidy and the poll tax a community charge.
The Community Charge Debt Bill should be in place by the next financial year.
I KNOW we pay the community charge and shouldn't have to pay to have garden waste removed, but perhaps it's to do with the fact that Brum is in serious financial trouble and this modest charge (it works out at one pint of beer a month
still give such landlords discounted rates for community charge, whilst expecting neighbouring properties to pay in full when they house far fewer occupants.
Her insistence on introducing the community charge was misguided.
It concerns the precept we pay as an addition to our community charge.
The Tory politician scrapped the controversial and short-lived Community Charge - or poll tax - and replaced it with council tax which is what we still have today.
For the last 10 years, local authorities have increased the community charge by many times the rate of inflation.

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