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Poll Tax

A specified sum of money levied upon each person who votes.

Poll taxes, as a prerequisite to voting in federal elections, are prohibited by the Twenty-Fourth Amendment to the U.S. Constitution and have been held unconstitutional with respect to state elections.

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For example, a couple living together earning pounds 90 per week from part-time earnings will not pay income tax, just community charge. A couple living together with one earning a minimum wage will pay increased tax and community charge.
"We will not tolerate community charge and council tax dodgers in this city."
The setting-up of this little lot is estimated at pounds 2 billion, with the running costs of each assembly at 5p per week of Band D Community Charge.
As one of the so-called do-gooders, I'd like to point out that most of us do pay full rent and community charge. We are fighting to keep our homes.
Launched as the Community Charge, it was unworkable and sparked some of the worst riots in Britain for more than a decade.
She would have to pay rent, community charge and the bus fare to the place of employment.
Unlike the poll tax (aka community charge) it should be based on ability to pay; in other words, a local income tax.
Bad payers with community charge debts going back more than six years can expect to be in the clear after a meeting of Lichfield District Council's finance and audit committee.
Logue, who is in a wheelchair, assumed Celia's identity and claimed her pension, housing and community charge benefits.
It is also ironic that the people who complain about children and teenagers jumping into docks, lakes and canals are those who did not protest when four open air lidos in Wirral closed in the 80s and 90s, and numerous swimming pools, youth clubs and summer playschemes were closed down to reduce the community charge.
The community charge has risen once again, having increased by almost 200 per cent since 1995.

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