Community Legal Service

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Community Legal Service (CLS)

a part of the system for provision of legal aid in non-criminal matters in England and Wales. It is administered by the Legal Services Commission. The service is essentially delivered by, among others, solicitors, Citizens’ Advice Bureaux, law centres, local authority services (including libraries) and community centres. Partnerships are to be established to arrange for the most efficient delivery. Insofar as the services are not actually free, there is a Community Legal Service Fund (the old Legal Aid Fund) to help people who cannot pay. It is intended to establish meaningful quality standards, mainly by means of contracts. There is a funding code. The Legal Aid Franchise Quality Standard provided the quality assurance framework within which the main suppliers operate. This has been replaced by the Specialist Quality Mark -the quality assurance standard that is a pre-requisite to holding a General Civil Contract.
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The South Brisbane Immigration and Community Legal Service is a small, overworked service which deals with complex, anti-migrant laws in an environment of increasingly restrictive government regulations and policies.
SRV is a specialist community legal service that also provides information and referral services and community and professional development.
The solicitors also unsuccessfully challenged a decision of Lord Brennan QC, the Independent Assessor for Miscarriages of Justice, to reduce the level of legal costs to be paid in publicly-funded applications for compensation under the 2000 Community Legal Service (Funding) Order.
The leaflet, which is part of a series, can be picked up at your local Citizens Advice Bureau, advice service, library or solicitors' office or requested from Community Legal Service Direct tel.
The correct number for Community Legal Service Direct is 0845 345 4 345.
People who live on a low income or benefits can get free confidential advice from Community Legal Service Direct by calling 0845 345 4 345.
The pounds 104,000 three- year old project has been funded by the Community Legal Service and Ellesmere Port and Neston Primary Care Trust.
If you don't have a solicitor I suggest you contact the new Community Legal Service set up by the government to help people find high quality legal help and advice in their area.
A survey by Community Legal Service Direct shows more people in the region are anxious about their finances than in any other part of the country.
The family man, who did not want to be identified, sought help from Community Legal Service (CLS) advisers after being taken to court by his mortgage company over his arrears in October last year.
In a separate list of community legal service firms - carrying out non-criminal work - the highest paid was Duncan Lewis Solicitors with just under pounds 7 million followed by Irwin Mitchell with pounds 5.2 million.
The second way involves phone advisers from Community Legal Service Direct.

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