Community Service

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Community Service

A sentencing option for persons convicted of crimes in which the court orders the defendant to perform a number of hours of unpaid work for the benefit of the public.

A person convicted of a criminal offense may be required to complete a sentence of community service directly or as an express condition of Probation. Typically, the community service will involve performance at a facility that has been authorized by the court or probation department. Community service is appropriate when it is reasonably designed to repair the harm caused by the offense.

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Noting that the state boasted of 25 community service officers across zones of the state, she prayed for more funding, training and stipends for officers.
The community services sector is pivotal in delivering services to those most vulnerable and is a significant contributor to economic growth and employment in WA.
Students can sign up and log hours to earn a community service certificate.
People who face penalties are members of the society, and sometimes prison doesn't achieve the punishment that the Government is seeking, and therefore community service is suggested.
She has earned 96 national and council awards and has 188 hours of community service.
Peter and Sacred Heart School in Auburn, Maine, believes that kids will miss the benefits of community service if it is a required activity.
In order to establish a successful community service work program, it is essential to determine three things: what type of work will be performed, who will be the recipients and which offenders will be required to perform, or be eligible for and capable of performing the requested work.
David Saddler, executive director of Aged Care New South Wales, an association of "church and charity" providers, and a former official with the government's Home and Community Care (HACC) program, said, "When the government began paying for community services, something unexpected happened.
The report by prison campaigners the Howard League said a disproportionately low number of women were sent on community service placements, while the number jailed has doubled in the past six years.
The officers develop deadlines for each of the juvenile's sanctions and provide the youth with a community service contract.
While Lewis's students receive grades in her class for their political activities, scores of school districts have set up programs that require all students to perform community service before they graduate.

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