Community Service

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Community Service

A sentencing option for persons convicted of crimes in which the court orders the defendant to perform a number of hours of unpaid work for the benefit of the public.

A person convicted of a criminal offense may be required to complete a sentence of community service directly or as an express condition of Probation. Typically, the community service will involve performance at a facility that has been authorized by the court or probation department. Community service is appropriate when it is reasonably designed to repair the harm caused by the offense.

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Community service has long been demonstrated to have positive effects on college students' development.
Thus Christian values, ideas and attitude engage in dialogue with and penetrate the three other university functions: research, teaching and community service.
Community service appears to be a popular sentencing option as most respondents reported that at least 75 percent of adults under supervision in their jurisdiction had a community service order.
According to judicial authorities, majority who have been handed community service were convicted in traffic related cases.
Though Ogunrin noted that Oyo courts were only gradually giving community service punishment as sentences, she said many offenders were found ineligible for community service due to their inability to provide a guarantor.
In the first case, an Emirati man was sentenced to three months of community service after he was found guilty of reckless driving, and failing to obey police orders.
Colleges and Community Service Centers in the GCC states, in addition to introducing experiences and
In 2014, 448 people were sentenced to community service, a figure which fell to 353 in 2015, according to Fyttis.
Now known as Community Payback, formerly Community Service and Unpaid Work, was launched in Dudley in 1975 and extended to Halesowen and Stourbridge a year later.
The Ministry of Interior offers to introduce 5-day arrests fro those persons who are avoiding execution of community service. The corresponding bill was considered by the parliamentary committee on rule of law, public order and fight against crime.
Norwalk Community College (Conn.) was named to the 2014 President's Higher Education Community Service Honor Roll by the Corporation for National and Community Service.

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