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Another incident, from which we may derive occasion for important reflections, was the attempt of these original settlers to establish among them that community of goods and of labor, which fanciful politicians, from the days of Plato to those of Rousseau, have recommended as the fundamental law of a perfect republic.
As the attempt to establish among themselves the community of goods was a seal of that sacred bond which knit them so closely together, so the conduct they observed toward the natives of the country displays their steadfast adherence to the rules of justice and their faithful attachment to those of benevolence and charity.
There was not a padlock in the valley, nor anything that answered the purpose of one: still there was no community of goods.
This study moves far away from Anabaptist thought on taking up the sword or on the community of goods to the early twentieth century and seven Luther scholars' interpretations of the Reformer's teachings: Karl Holl, Karl Barth, Friedrich Gogarten, Werner Elert, Paul Althaus, Emanuel Hirsch, and Erich Vogelsang.
Is adherence to community of goods necessary for a group to be considered truly Hutterite?
These were Hutterite churches in every way except for community of goods.
Friesen also gives evidence that Erasmus quite probably influenced Anabaptist thought on pacificism, the oath and community of goods.
Virtually all Anabaptist groups attempted to replicate the community of goods of the apostolic church as described in Acts 2 and 4, although other groups were more spiritualist and voluntarist in their Christian communism than the Hutterites.

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