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Community Service

A sentencing option for persons convicted of crimes in which the court orders the defendant to perform a number of hours of unpaid work for the benefit of the public.

A person convicted of a criminal offense may be required to complete a sentence of community service directly or as an express condition of Probation. Typically, the community service will involve performance at a facility that has been authorized by the court or probation department. Community service is appropriate when it is reasonably designed to repair the harm caused by the offense.

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Community Service Orders. Community service orders in Texas are imposed by sentencing courts and specify a certain number of hours offenders must complete.
Adrian Wilkinson, aged 32, of Broomfield Place, Earlsdon, Coventry, possession of a screwdriver, drill bit and torch for use in theft while the subject of a community service order, 16 weeks imprisonment.
He was banned from driving for 12 months, ordered to do a 100-hour community service order, put on an 18-month supervision order and ordered to attend a road traffic offenders' programme.
Julia Pilkington, 3 8, a self-styled Lady after purchasing the title, appeared at Portsmouth Magistrates' Court after only completing three hours of her 180-hour community service order.
The types of offences attracting Community Service Order are larceny (22 per cent), less serious assault (15 per cent) and driving offences (15 per cent).
Phillip McIlroy, aged 56, of Bartlett Close, Holbrooks, Coventry, conduct amounting to harassment, community service order for two years.
SPARED: Christine Davison was given a community service order.
He was sentenced to 18 months for the burglary and six months for the community service order breach, making a total of two years.
The West Midlands Probation Service runs a workshop in Birmingham for 15 offenders serving community service orders.
The report said community service orders had been "consistently underused" by the courts for women.
His mother Carol, 42, grandmother Mary Darling Rainey, 65, of Donegall Pass, South Belfast were handed suspended jail terms, while 45-year-old pal Ruth Large was given a community service order.

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