Police Community Support Officer

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Police Community Support Officer (PCSO)

individuals who under legislative authority work alongside the police in a supporting role. They patrol their local area, providing assistance and dealing with incidents of nuisance and antisocial behaviour. They may be given the power to direct traffic and issue fixed penalty notices. It is an offence to assault or resist such a person or to impersonate a PCSO.
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Data obtained by the Examiner shows there were 520 student police officers, 114 police and community support officers and 51 special constables appointed by West Yorkshire Police in 2016/17.
Funding to keep additional Community Support Officers in Welsh communities for the foreseeable future has been announced by Communities and Children Secretary Carl Sargeant.
West Midlands Police is hoping to enlist 800 officers, 150 new police community support officers and 200 specialist staff over the next three years.
Police Community Support Officers will also be visiting children in the hospital to talk to them about being a Police Officer and taking their fingerprints.
THOUSANDS of police staff, including community support officers, could be due to walk out in an ongoing dispute over pay.
Community support officers from Moreton West organised the free Rampworx event at Lingham skatepark in Lingham Park, off Edgehill Road, Moreton, between 11am and 2pm yesterday.
Customers and staff at Asda in Billingham raised PS200 to buy their local community support officers two new bikes to use on the beat.
NEIGHBOURHOOD policing is "dying on the beat" because more than 20% of community support officers have been axed, it is claimed today.
The number of devices procured by forces we surveyed ranges from a device available to one per cent of their police officers and police community support officers to 151 per cent.
One of the first changes she has made in her new post is to re-align the community support officers with a neighbourhood beat manager.
Gwent has become the first police force in Wales to trial a new type of officer - police community support officers.
POLICE Community Support Officers (PCSOs) should be given more power to fight crime without having "one arm tied behind their backs", the union Unison said.

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