Commutative justice

COMMUTATIVE JUSTICE. That virtue whose object is, to render to every one what belongs to him, as nearly as may be, or that which governs contracts.
     2. The word commutative is derived from commutare, which signifies to exchange. Lepage, El. du Dr. ch. 1, art. 3, Sec. 3. See Justice.

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He considered a strong federal judiciary to be an essential element in protecting individual rights and for establishing a sound constitutional order based on the classical concept of commutative justice.
the word coincides with what Aristotle and the Schoolmen call commutative justice.
Commutative justice refers to exchanges between parties who
The idea of justice, in both its Aristotelian senses of commutative justice and distributive justice, captures the intellectual imagination.
Is his understanding of formal or commutative justice (always demanding a restitution of injustices and only indicating what one person is due from another under generally accepted conditions) weakened or seriously damaged by the introduction of that omnipresent phrase "social justice"?
By contrast, analyses that frame migration in terms of not only distributive and social justice but also restorative and commutative justice bring into focus violations of migrants' dignity in light of historical memory and the daily, concrete challenges they face.
O'Boyle demonstrates the importance of achieving a clear understanding of the concepts of commutative justice, distributive justice, and contributive justice and shows that social justice necessarily participates in all three.
When we talk about fulfilling contacts or repairing injuries done to the discrete individuals, we are speaking of commutative justice.
Finally, Finkelstein suggests that the link between commutative justice and profit rested on a static view of the economy, which would return to stasis if those who disturbed it, such as usurers, regrators, and forestallers, were forced to stop their evil ways.
Among her topics are family values, master and servant, the body of profit, distributive justice, commutative justice, and the modern problem of profit.
Commutative justice "regulates exchanges between persons in accordance with a strict respect for their rights" [3:2411].
escalates, the clinician is faced with a million-dollar question predicated on the clash between distributive and commutative justice.