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An agreement, treaty, or contract.

The term compact is most often applied to agreements among states or between nations on matters in which they have a common concern.

The Constitution contains the Compact Clause, which prohibits one state from entering into a compact with another state without the consent of Congress.


(Dense), adjective arranged within a small space, bunched, close, close-knit, close-set, close together, closely united, clustered, cohesive, compacted, compressed, concentrated, condensed, consolidated, constricted, contracted, crammed, crowded, densified, economiial of space, firm, firmly united, forced into smaller space, hard, massed, massive, packed, populous, pressed into smaller compass, pressed together, rammed, serried, solid, solidified, space saving, squeezed together, stuffed, thick, tight, tightly knit


(Pithy), adjective abbreviated, abbreviatory, abridged, abstracted, aphoristic, aphoristical, apothegmatic, apothegmatical, brief, compendious, concise, condensed, contracted, crisp, curt, digested, direct, epigrammatic, expressed concisely, gnomic, gnomical, laconic, meaty, outlined, pointed, recapitulated, sententious, short, shortened, shrunk, straightforward, succinct, summarized, summary, summed up, synoptic, telescoped, terse, tidy, to the point, trim


noun agreement, agreement between parries, arrangement, bargain, cartel, commitment, concord, concordat, contract, contractual obligation, contractual statement, convention, conventus, covenant, deal, entente, entente cordiale, indenture, mutual pledge, mutual promise, obligation, pact, pactio, pactum, pledge, promise, stipulation, treaty, understanding
Associated concepts: interstate compact
Foreign phrases: Pacta privata juri publico derogare non possunt.Private compacts cannot derogate from public right. Re, verbis, scripto, consensu, traditione, junctura vestes sumere pactasolent. Agreements usually take their clothing from the thing itself, from words, from writing, from consent, from delivery.
See also: abstract, adjustment, agreement, arrangement, attornment, bargain, brief, cartel, coadunate, composition, concentrate, conciliation, concise, concordance, conjoint, consensus, consolidate, consolidation, consortium, conspiracy, constrict, contract, corporate, covenant, crystallize, decrease, indenture, joint, league, mutual understanding, pact, pithy, pledge, populous, promise, protocol, reduce, sententious, specialty, stipulation, succinct, treaty, understanding, undertaking

COMPACT, contracts. In its more general sense, it signifies an agreement. In its strict sense, it imports a contract between parties, which creates obligations and rights capable of being enforced, and contemplated as such between the parties, in their distinct and independent characters. Story, Const. B. 3, c. 3; Rutherf. Inst. B. 2, c. 6, Sec. 1. 2. The constitution of the United States declares that "no state shall, without the consent of congress, enter into agreement or compact with another state, or with a foreign power." See 11 Pet: 1; 8 Wheat. 1 Bald. R. 60; 11 Pet. 185.

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