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The pharmaceutical and durable medical equipment industries are also likely to mount criticism as they experience the financial repercussions of comparative effectiveness research sponsored by PCORI.
Comparative effectiveness research helps decisionmakers plan evidence-based public health programs.
If you have questions about comparative effectiveness research or these resources, call Victoria McGhee in AHRQ's Atlanta Regional Partnership Development Office at 404-836-2303.
We believe that the time is ripe for Medicare to use comparative effectiveness research to reach a new paradigm of paying equally for services that provide equivalent results," the authors said in their paper in Health Affairs.
PCORI, which will be operational before the end of 2010, is tasked with setting priorities for and funding comparative effectiveness research to help inform healthcare decisions and associated policy making.
As the nation moves forward with the implementation of healthcare reform, NPC s research provides policy makers and implementers with keen insight on comparative effectiveness research and health-and-wellness issues, Bailey said.
Philipson, University of Chicago and NBER, "The Impact of Comparative Effectiveness Research on Health and Health Care Spending"
health care of an increased role for comparative effectiveness research and related activities.
Comparative effectiveness research refers to studies that examine head-to-head comparisons between two or more clinical interventions.
Specifically, the bills contain provisions on comparative effectiveness research, generic biologic drugs, and financial conflicts of interest between doctors and drug makers.
Support and disseminate the results of Comparative Effectiveness research to help practitioners and patients chose the best healthcare

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