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Comparative effectiveness research, genomics-enabled personalized medicine, and rapid learning health care: a common bond.
All of these arguments are reduced to mere chatter, though, if comparative effectiveness research doesn't result in physicians altering how they treat their individual patients.
Selby is a family physician, clinical epidemiologist, and health services researcher who has worked on comparative effectiveness research for many years.
To learn more about comparative effectiveness research, order free materials, access our free continuing education modules or to become part of this growing partnership network, please contact Jake Yarbrough in AHRQ's Dallas Regional Partnership Development Office at 817920-1834 or jake.
While sympathetic to the economist's point of view, the authors argue that comparative effectiveness research "still holds promise.
Comparative effectiveness research is, in fact, to-date, the only difference in content between PubMed Health and MedlinePlus.
Indeed, it is charged with the prioritization and execution of such comparative effectiveness research.
Electronic data resources, clinical leadership, data and statistical support, and cultural reorganization of priorities are needed for effective comparative effectiveness research, he continued.
We believe that the time is ripe for Medicare to use comparative effectiveness research to reach a new paradigm of paying equally for services that provide equivalent results," the authors said in their paper in Health Affairs.
The logical endpoint of personalized medicine is that each patient's medical treatments would be unique, but the goal of comparative effectiveness research is to identify the most effective classes of treatment, partly in order to hold medical costs down.
PCORI, which will be operational before the end of 2010, is tasked with setting priorities for and funding comparative effectiveness research to help inform healthcare decisions and associated policy making.
As the nation moves forward with the implementation of healthcare reform, NPC s research provides policy makers and implementers with keen insight on comparative effectiveness research and health-and-wellness issues, Bailey said.

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