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He admitted that this error in monitoring led to compartment syndrome which gave Mrs Bailey 'a lot of discomfort' and apologised to her family.
According to Blaylock, [1] the indications for antivenom in patients with PPS, our most commonly encountered scenario, include PPS that increases by >15 cm over an hour, PPS up to the elbow or knee 4 hours after envenomation, PPS of the whole limb after 8 hours, threatened airway, shortness of breath, associated clotting abnormalities and compartment syndrome.
Whatever the cause, surgeons must be aware of CMT associated with omphalocele as surgical treatment of omphalocele will increase the risk of gastrointestinal tract ischemia, even in the absence of abdominal compartment syndrome.
Repeat pediatric orthopaedic, as well as vascular, consults were obtained on suspicion of compartment syndrome, and given the warmth of the leg--an MRI was ordered to rule out fasciitis, myositis, and osteomyelitis.
We compared the incidence of compartment syndrome in minor and major amputations.
Lastly compartment syndrome occurred in only 1 patient (0.
Among the 24 children with local swelling, 4 of them did not have progressive increase after admission and 7 of them had progressive swelling but subsided with medical management without evidence of compartment syndrome and 13 required surgical intervention.
Following a contrast extravasation episode the RANZCR (2016) advises informing a radiologist and careful observation to exclude compartment syndrome development.
Compartment syndrome (CS) is a serious condition characterized by raised intracompartmental pressure, which develops following trauma and ischemia-reperfusion injuries (lower limb arterial surgery) [1].
Increase in intracompartmental pressure seen in muscle hypertrophy or chronic exertional compartment syndrome (CECS) potentiates herniation [4].