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It is very important for the clinician to differentiate MTSS, which is a rather benign condition, from different types of stress fractures in this region and acute compartment syndrome (ACS) that are much more serious conditions [8].
Exertional compartment syndrome of the forearm in an elite flatwater sprint kayaker.
Acute compartment syndrome and the role of regional anesthesia.
Although rare, a case report of a patient who developed compartment syndrome following an attempted puncture of a radio-cephalic AV fistula for hemodialysis is presented here.
No case of vascular complications such as major access site bleeding, vascular perforation, aneurysm formation, brachial artery occlusion causing forearm ischemia, compartment syndrome, vascular spasm or failure to catheterize coronary arteries requiring alternate vascular access, and major adverse cardiac and cerebrovascular events was observed peri or post-procedurally.
Abdominal compartment syndrome (ACS) in severe acute pancreatitis (SAP) has been recognized closely related to considerable mortality rate.
Compartment syndrome is the compression of nerves, blood vessels and muscle inside an enclosed muscle compartment in the body.
Food and Drug Administration (FDA) to begin a Phase I clinical trial for its product Magellan MAR01 technology for the treatment of compartment syndrome.
The World Society of Abdominal Compartment Syndrome (WSACS) definitions provide for such a grading of severity (2).
However, as described above, some of these conditions may occur in tandem; for example, sickle cell crises may lead to myonecrosis with subsequent compartment syndrome and rhabdomyolysis.
Calcific myonecrosis is a rare condition that can occur as a late complication of compartment syndrome or neurovascular injury [1,2].
1990) Modified criteria for the objective diagnosis of chronic compartment syndrome of the leg.