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Walton also claimed that London's Grenfell Tower fire could have been avoided if legislation had required the use of predominantly fireproof materials, and if certification for fire-stopping and fire compartmentation had been enforced.
Effect of salt stress on growth and cation compartmentation in leaves of plant species differing in salt tolerance.
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Individual chapters are devoted to compartmentation and exterior installations, tank arrangements, buoyancy and stability, and a wide variety of other related subjects.
Si chelates heavy metal ions with chelates and also by compartmentation of heavy metals in cell walls of plants.
Assessment of near-membrane and para-nuclear regions indicated varying cAMP response rates, likely due to diffusional and compartmentation effects.
Compartmentation of creatine kinaseisoenzymes in myometrium of gravid guinea-pig.
Compartmentation of folate metabolism in rat pancreas: nitrous oxide inactivation of methionine synthase leads to accumulation of 5-methyltetrahydrofolate in cytosol.
1988 "Malate, tartrate, potassium, and sodium in flesh and skin of Shiraz grapes during ripening: concentration and compartmentation.
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To limit this effect, plants evolve a great variety of adaptation mechanisms, from reduced leaf growth, early senescence and abscission of older leaves (ATHAR; ASHRAF, 2005) to osmotic adjustment, selective ion uptake and vacuolar ion compartmentation (MUNNS; TESTER, 2008).