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Altered Zn compartmentation in the root symplasm and stimulated Zn absorption into the leaf as mechanisms involved in Zn hyperaccumulation in Thlaspi caerulescens.
These strategies include fire resistance rated floor/ceiling assemblies to provide compartmentation between floors to reduce spread of fires to provide more time for occupants to evacuate or defend in place.
Once constructed and installed with fire safety features such as compartmentation and active systems, buildings are no doubt safe when complete.
Two contributions discuss PDEs' functional significance for gene-targeted knockout strategies and three others examine compartmentation in cyclic nucleotide signaling.
He said: 'The majority of schools built prior to 1980 have relatively poor fire compartmentation and hence fires can be damaging and extensive.
Current security requirements nurture overclassification and excessive compartmentation of information among agencies.
Subcellular compartmentation of the 4-aminobutyrate shunt in protoplasts from developing soybean cotyledons.
Actin filaments may play a vital role in compartmentation and substrate channeling in glycolysis (1).
Adequate and reliable fire safety can only be achieved in these facilities by spending the time and money to improve detection and compartmentation, in addition to installing and properly maintaining automatic sprinkler systems.
Special hull construction, twin engine rooms, and complete water-tight compartmentation to block off damaged sections in case of attack multiply her value in case of war.
There's always a tension between the needs for compartmentation and information sharing.