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TO COMPASS. To imagine; to contrive.
     2. In England, to compass the death of the king is high treason. Bract. 1. 3, c. 2 Britt. c. 8; Mirror, c. 1, s. 4.

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We did not have a bad meal on board and while our dinner in the cover-charge Sirroco restaurant was good, you'd not be disappointed if you stuck to the Compass Rose for the week.
Friends and former schoolmates of Rev Dawkins at Cambridge University's Ridley Hall, Rev Catherine McBride and Rev Tina Hodgett, are travelling from the UK for the occasion, while Rev Sarah Buxton-Smith from the Compass Rose Society is making her way to Bahrain from the US.
After years of trying to crack the code, David finally discovered that a compass rose was the key to Noah's mysterious characters.
If the last check was an in-flight verification, documentation from that check should be accompanied by a copy of the most recent swing on the compass rose.
Shares in Compass rose 5% as investors welcomed signs of a turnaround.
Anyone who has seen or read the classic The Cruel Sea will remember that Jack Hawkins's first corvette was HMS Compass Rose.
The image on the bottle and 4-pack depicts an old nautical map, compass rose and fictitious "Lost Continent" and the bottle's label is adorned with metallic gold trim and a top wrap of gold foil.
Following the principle of a compass rose, the concentric structure is layered, with streets and pathways radiating out from the centre.
1) Review maps skills, such as compass rose, map key (legend), and scale of miles.
Those winning the 'beauty stakes' before I scurried off home were Star Ceilidh (Steve Luck for Nick Colton); Seriously Now (Lynn Johnson); Blonde Chico (Fran O'Callaghan for John Mullins); Sawpit Samurai (David Hunt), Swift Dougal (Michelle Foster for Paul Foster); Compass Rose (James Wright for Graham Hutt); Magna Mike (Steve Luck for Nick Colton); Millions Girl (Nick Mead) and Boherna On Air (Barrie Draper).
Many of the illustrated world maps include an accompanying schematic version labeling relevant areas, and alongside every map is a compass rose to give a quick sense of orientation.