Competent Evidence

Competent Evidence

Information that proves a point at issue in a lawsuit.

Competent evidence is admissible evidence in contrast to incompetent or inadmissible evidence.



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Some malicious persons it is true deny the identity of this reputable character with the Evangelist of old times, and even pretend to bring competent evidence of an imposture.
The Supreme Court (SC), in a litany of cases, has consistently ruled that if a taxpayer denies ever having received an assessment from the BIR, it is the duty of the latter to prove by competent evidence that such notice was indeed received by the addressee.
In its ruling, the CA pointed out that "with nary an iota of competent evidence on record, that the various attacks, harassment, surveillance, and other nefarious acts perpetrated against NUPL members are true as alleged in the petition, such incidents, without sufficient corroborative evidence that the same was in fact on account of such membership, do not satisfy on their own their prerequisites for the grant of the privilege of the writ of amparo."
'If the NBI finds that Advincula had nothing to show by way of competent evidence, he might find himself in the same boat as Rodel Jayme,' he said.
Goldstein from the receipt of unemployment benefits pursuant to 28-44-17 is supported by competent evidence of record and is not clearly erroneous; neither is it contrary to law.
The defamation claim regarding allegations against Guarino in the written statement of cause for dismissal is barred by Defendants' conditional privilege to disclose negative allegations in connection with determining whether an employee should be fired, and Guarino has not mustered any competent evidence that Defendants made any other defamatory statement about him.
Unless you show me, as a lawyer, competent evidence to the contrary; the presumption is he is a man of competence and integrity,' Presidential Spokesman and Chief Presidential Legal Counsel Salvador S.
And the Constitution also says, every person charged with a crime is presumed innocent unless proven otherwise by competent evidence beyond a reasonable doubt -- proof.
While the legal profession has traditionally taken the position that the best and most competent evidence is having a witness testify in person, remote testimony could be a solution when "everybody who knows something is in another part of the world and do you want to pay to bring them to Western New York?" Malouf said.
Alternatively, the court held, the board's decision was not supported by "substantial competent evidence in the whole record." <br />Contrary to the board's findings, the court ruled, possessing a controlled hunting preserve license does not categorically exempt Drake Landing from countywide zoning regulation.