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Observance; conformity; obedience.

Compliance with the federal Income Tax laws is essential to avoid prosecution for Tax Evasion.


noun accedence, acceptance, accommodation, accord, accordance, acquiescence, adaptability, adherence, agreeability, agreement, assent, bowing, concession, concord, concurrence, conformability, conformance, conformity, consent, consonance, cooperation, dutifulness, harmony, keeping, obedience, obsequium, observance, pliancy, submission, tractability, tractableness, willingness to commly, yielding
Associated concepts: compliance with the law, in compliince with statute, strict compliance, substantial compliance
Foreign phrases: Impotentia excusat legem.The impossibillty of performing a legal duty is an excuse from the perrormance. Obedientia est legis essentia. Obedience is the essence of the law.
See also: acceptance, accordance, acknowledgment, acquiescence, adherence, agreement, amenability, assent, capitulation, comity, compatibility, conciliation, conduct, conformity, conjunction, consent, consortium, conspiracy, deference, devotion, discipline, fealty, homage, indorsement, loyalty, timeliness, understanding
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