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Activation of the human complement cascade by bacterial cell walls, peptidoglycans, water-soluble peptidoglycan components, and synthetic muramylpeptides--studies on active components and structural requirements.
This is the reason we studied possible interference with the complement cascade by plants from the pharmacopoeia of Tacana Indians.
8% in patients who received a bolus plus 20-hour infusion of pexelizumab in order to selectively inhibit part of the complement cascade for 24 hours.
As mentioned, the complement cascade activates autoantibodies and chemotactic factors, which leads to cell degranulation.
Hypersensitivity pneumonitis is a disease in which the complement cascade figures prominently.
In the 2007 study, his team showed that the earliest sign of the disease was the activation of the complement cascade at synapses.
CFH inhibits the alternative complement cascade and also regulates the common pathway by inactivating C3b.
The company's lead therapeutic program is focused on compounds that inhibit the inappropriate activity of the complement cascade, which is a vital part of the body's immune defense system.
The molecule that modulated the complement cascade, however, was relatively large, consisting of 787 amino acids, too sizable to be used therapeutically.
Alexion's C5 complement inhibitors are specific and potent recombinant anti-inflammatory drugs which are designed to intervene in the complement cascade.
Decorin also binds and inhibits an enzyme, C1q, that is a critical component of the complement cascade that moderates a variety of inflammatory responses in the body.

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