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No other disease with complement deficiency was detected in the patient.
TABLE Who should get vaccinated--and when TARGET POPULATION VACCINE TYPE Children 2-10 years at increased risk * MPSV4 ([dagger]) Adolescents 11-12 years MCV4 Adolescents at high school entry or 15 years MCV4 of age without prior vaccination College freshmen planning to reside in MCV4 ([double dagger]) dormitories Patients ages 11-55 at increased risk * MCV4 ([double dagger]) Patients older than 55 years at increased MPSV4 risk * Microbiologist, lab personnel exposed to N MCV4 ([double dagger]) meningitides Military recruits MCV4 ([double dagger]) * "Increased risk" is defined by terminal complement deficiency, anatomic or functional asplenia, travel to endemic areas, HIV infection (optional).
Other high-risk groups that should be vaccinated include: military recruits, travelers to areas where meningococcal disease is hyperendemic or epidemic, microbiologists who are routinely exposed to isolates of Neisseria meningitidis, individuals with anatomic or functional asplenia, and individuals with terminal complement deficiency.
The vaccine is still recommended for others at risk, including first-year college students, military recruits, travelers, scientists who are exposed to meningitis, patients with anatomic or functional asplenia, and patients with terminal complement deficiency.

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