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A human complement receptor 1 polymorphism that reduces Plasmodium falciparum resetting confers protection against severe malaria.
In a study published in 2004, homozygotes for the McCoy b blood group defining variant K1590E in exon 29 of the complement receptor 1 gene appeared to be protected against leprosy susceptibility (20).
Soluble recombinant complement receptor 1 inhibits inflammation and demyelination in antibody-mediated demyelinating experimental allergic encephalomyelitis.
Ross GD, Cain AJ, Myaones BL, Newman SL, Lachmann PJ (1987) Specificity of membrane complement receptor type three (CR3) for [beta]-glucans.
The complement C3dg moiety could also serve as a ligand, facilitating the binding of the whole complex to complement receptor 2 (30).
TP20 is a combined complement and selectin inhibitor that integrates soluble complement receptor 1 (sCR1) with the sLex (sialyl Lewis x) carbohydrate in a single molecule.
The recombinant protein, known as complement receptor type I (CR1), is a soluble form of a substance normally anchored to certain cell membranes in the body.
CDX-1135 is a soluble, recombinant human Complement Receptor Type 1 (sCR1) that inhibits the classical, lectin and alternative complement pathways, both at the early (C3) and late (C5) activation steps in these pathways.

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