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quote of the day "It's completely synthetic," Harriet Harman on the Tory commitment to equality don't let them in Key Seat: Burton Labour candidate: Ruth Smeeth Notional majority: 2,132 Swing for Tory win: 2.40%
This product is made with a completely synthetic bioresorbable material.
Virtuagram is a completely synthetic hologram in the sense that the image is totally a computer construct: it is designed using proprietary 3D software, and the 3D design is then algorithmically converted into the diffraction pattern required to make a hologram of that design.
"Most 'hurricane code-approved' shutters are not wood, but a wood-composite material or completely synthetic material like fiberglass," Dunham says.
The completely synthetic filter element technology and the filter media can be used for all engine applications and designs of filter elements and can also be used retro-compatibly for existing applications.
But ADVAX is a DNA vaccine; instead of providing the proteins directly, it provides completely synthetic DNA that instructs the body's cells to create the proteins desired.

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