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The results of the antibacterial assay showed that the complexes have potential antibacterial activity.
Key Words:Mixed - Ligand complexes, 1,10 - Phenanthroline, Sarcosine, Magnetic Stirring, FT - IR, spectral studies etc.
Psychological complexes will no longer affect their lives.
Interactions of Metal Complexes with Living Systems.
Further SANS studies are under way on other protein/DNA complexes that play a role in gene regulation.
From Wichita, KS, to Tulsa, OK, to Jekyll Island, GA, sports complexes are promoting their first-class facilities as vacation destinations, sites for strong interstate competition, and a place for top-flight athletes to improve their conditioning.
Complexes with one certificate receive a three-star rating; two certificates, a four-star rating; and all three certificates, a five-star rating.
Typically, supramolecular complexes form between a very large molecule and a small one: One enzyme will link up with a specific substrate molecule, for example.
Family Housing's affordable apartment complexes are for residents whose annual income is 60 percent or less of the Los Angeles County median income.
The lawsuit resulted from an investigation, undertaken by civil rights testers from the Equal Rights Center, of Archstone apartment complexes around the country.
The contract is - Mowing and wygrabienie lichens from the bottom of the slopes and escarpments of ditches and embankments,- Removing namulu from watercourses,- Rozplantowanie excavated after mechanical desilting of watercourses- Treatment of namulu pipe culverts,- Reconstruction of culverts,- Hand shear busheseight complexes Complex I: Leg - Modzerowo - Wistka (1 maintenance)Complex II: Oak Polish - Jumping (1 maintenance)Complex III: Channel A + Modzerowo pump delivery channel (2 maintenance)Complex IV: Old DuninEw - Wola Brwilenska (1 maintenance)Complex V: Radziwie - Tokary (1 maintenance)Complex VI: Brwilno - Poplacin (1 maintenance)Complex VII: Valley Osnicka (2 maintenance)Complex VIII: Skrwa Rights (1 maintenance).
playgrounds at two Lancaster apartment complexes, as well as at a proposed new park in downtown Lancaster, Rodriguez said, but has not received an answer yet.