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The distinctive feature of LSW fracture modes was the variation of complicated fractures through the nugget, as shown in (4) through (6) in Figure 1.
It was not a complicated fracture and he has come through the surgery well.
He was rushed to University Hospital of North Tees for treatment to a complicated fracture of his left thigh bone.
Because of the complicated fracture behavior, the toughness along this direction was not quantified, and the results have been interpreted only qualitatively for comparison purposes.
The Scottish striker is recovering from a complicated fracture but boss Roy Hodgson is hoping he can be playing again in a fortnight.
Because of increasing incidence of high velocity trauma, complicated fracture pattern in proximal humerus are becoming increasingly common.
Yorkshire Air Ambulance flew him for emergency treatment at Hull Royal Infirmary and medics established that he had suffered a very complicated fracture of his left hip and had also broken his right collarbone.
If the patient has fallen off a ladder and a has a complicated fracture in their leg, they will be taken by ambulance to the nearest hospital providing this care.
It's a very clean break, not a complicated fracture and there has been no need for it to be in plaster or anything like that.