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For this definition it is necessary first of all to consider the derivation of the objective reference of a proposition from the meanings of its component words or images.
in the mathematical sense) of the meanings of its component words.
In addition, key participants in the electronic components industry in terms of resin producers, and molders are identified along with inclusion of key technologies, and the competitive resin scenario.
Using multi-material machines and dissimilar polymers, they were molding parts such as toys and automotive HVAC registers, yielding fully assembled components right out of the molding machine.
At the macro level, the goals of the program are fairly simple: to maximize marginal return on recapped components; to increase unscheduled mean time between removal (MTBR) for selected recapitalized components by 20 percent; and to reduce average fleet life to 10 years by 2010.
Castings used in safety-critical applications require new approaches to assure defective components do not make it out of a metalcasting facility.
Correlations between students' auditory, visual and tactile-kinesthetic learning preferences, traditional and non-traditional course components and levels of success in General Chemistry have been assessed.
Companies engaged in drug discovery, genomic research, molecular screening and other bioinformatics work, who wish to rapidly incorporate advanced data mining features into their applications can now do so by using NAG Data Mining Components as building blocks.
Thus management products must evolve into managing the individual components of an application.
By the time it is completed late in 2005, the facility, also known as Space Station Alpha, will contain thousands of components developed in the Valley.
The aim is to increase adhesion in the interface between the two components to such a level that the failure of the parts under service will no longer happen in the interface, but within the flexible component.
Some time later, the taxpayer expanded its LIFO election to all components of inventory.