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According to estimates, the correlation between the Shanghai Composite Index and BSE Sensex is 0.
The composite index of leading economic indicators, which predicts developments over several coming months, was also left unchanged at 92.
For example, if the TSE 300 Composite Index rises, stock prices on the TSE are generally increasing.
Because a composite index averages the behavior of its available components, the absolute contribution of an unrevised component will decline from the preliminary index computation to the following month's recomputation as the number of components being averaged increases.
The Philippine Stock Exchange composite index jumped 25.
At present, market capitalization of the Composite Index tops $1 trillion, with the aggregate weightings of the stocks in the component indices breaking out as: Multi-Line (21%), Property/Casualty (34%), Life (19%), Health & HMO (22%) and Brokers &Agents (4%).
On January 26th, Standard & Poor's and the Toronto Stock Exchange announced their intention to include Income Trusts in the S&P/TSX Composite Index, while continuing to provide a real-time, equity-only index for market participants who do not wish to invest in income trusts.
Crystallex is very pleased to have been selected for inclusion in the S&P/TSX Composite Index as this will directly benefit our shareholders by further increasing the Company's liquidity and visibility," said Todd Bruce, President and CEO while noting that, "The inclusion also represents an independent measure of the company's progress in achieving its objective of taking Crystallex to the next level in the industry.
Traders said the stock was correcting for a last minute surge Thursday before the stock was added to Standard & Poor's 500 composite index.
Options on the NASDAQ Composite Index offer investors a unique instrument for trading and hedging.
The technology-heavy Nasdaq composite index sank nearly 5 percent, falling 81.

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