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HT-CVB-RC101 Composite video and Stereo analog audio IN to HDMI OUT
The 2400MP and 1200MP deliver great value that goes beyond just price with included features such as a drop-tested carrying case, full featured remote control and extensive connectivity including PC support, S-video, composite video, component (HDTV) video and RS-232 connectors.
It delivers full motion streaming video and audio to multiple display devices, and provides support for multiple input/output formats including Component, S-Video, Composite Video, VGA computer video (640 x 480), RS-232 control, and stereo audio.
The competitively-priced 15-inch LB15 series offers options for integrating composite video for streaming video advertisements in retail or hospitality applications, as well as support live feeds from security cameras in areas such as retail stores, parking lots, or office lobbies.
Accessories included with the DV920 are composite video A/V cables, a VGA cable for laptops and PC's and a free Video iPod Cable.
The 20-inch model is 4:3 and features a modem and USB port, component video input, two composite video inputs, and an audio and video output.