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Arena has filed applications for patent term broadening on patents directed to composition of matter in the United States, that, if allocated, might broaden the composition-of-matter patent term for BELVIQ into 2026 or potentially 2027.
KemPharm's Intellectual Property Estate Now Includes Composition of Matter Patents for Two Ligand Activated Technology (LAT) Opioid Prodrugs - KP511 and KP201
Key statement: A composition of matter is disclosed that comprises at least one silane coupling agent for coupling an elastomer and a filler wherein said silane comprises at least one hydrolyzable group that, upon compounding said silane with said elastomer and filler, is released to yield a compound that improves downstream processability of the compounded composition or the properties of the final rubber product or both.
In addition to issued patents and pending patent applications covering the composition of matter and its use, Dynogen's license includes exclusive rights to all pre-clinical, clinical and manufacturing data related to pumosetrag.
A food safe absorbent composition of matter suitable for use with food products has been patented.
He hypothesizes that the problems in quantum physics and cosmology are better resolved by a new physics based on different principles that are more appropriate for defining the composition of matter.
The observed excess may indicate that quarks contain something smaller, representing a new level in the composition of matter.
Nasdaq:XNPT) announced today that the European Patent Office (EPO) Opposition Division ruled that the European patent for the composition of matter of XP13512 (European Patent No.
Ablynx has an unrivaled patent portfolio in the field of single domain antibodies with granted composition of matter claims both in the USA and Europe.
Initial PTO Action Indicates Allowability of Claims to Tarceva[R] Composition of Matter
Essentialis already holds composition of matter protection for DCCR through 2028.