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COMPOUNDER, in Louisiana. He who makes a composition. An amicable compounder is one who has undertaken by the agreement of the parties to compound or settle differences. between them. Code of Pract. of Lo. art. 444.

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He will be joined by Bernd Sparenberg, vice president of the technical compounds business unit at Albis Plastic, the international plastics distributor and compounder which operates compounding plants in Germany, the UK, the US and China.
After purchasing the medicines, the woman asked the compounder for water in order to swallow the pills.
The compounder can charge from $200 to $600/hr processing fee on lines that have output rates from 100 to 10,000 lb/hr (45-4500 kg/hr), depending on the processing.
According to a report by market analysts AMI, compounders have managed to ride out the storm of the global recession through preserving margins as opposed to chasing growth.
Stanley Karon, an attorney in Richfield, Minnesota, settled a suit after a client was burned by a skin-lightening product made by a compounder.
Prior to the development of this compounder, only clean, separated thermoplastics were considered recyclable.
Dave Mitchell, marketing manager at Dow Elastomers, commented: "The ability of Engage XLT to facilitate the production of lighter, larger parts with a faster mould time will allow compounders and manufacturers to cost-effectively produce fuel-efficient vehicles without compromising quality.
Silicone additives for thermoplastic compounders are offered by this company.
They are continuously pressed to the dosing section and transported by the co-rotating screws of the compounder.
Farrel describes the Ultima Compounder as a combination of the "first true two-stage continuous mixer and a single-screw extruder on a unitized support frame.
Sweden's Polykemi AB, a family-owned compounder of a broad range of thermoplastic compounds, with a strong presence in Europe and Asia, is now offering its products here through a cooperative partnership with compounder Omni Plastics, Evansville, Ind.