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COMPOUNDER, in Louisiana. He who makes a composition. An amicable compounder is one who has undertaken by the agreement of the parties to compound or settle differences. between them. Code of Pract. of Lo. art. 444.

A Law Dictionary, Adapted to the Constitution and Laws of the United States. By John Bouvier. Published 1856.
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The police reached the hospital and arrested the compounder.
He will be joined by Bernd Sparenberg, vice president of the technical compounds business unit at Albis Plastic, the international plastics distributor and compounder which operates compounding plants in Germany, the UK, the US and China.
After purchasing the medicines, the woman asked the compounder for water in order to swallow the pills.
However, for most smaller and mid-sized companies, finding experts or custom compounders with this specialty can be difficult.
The law also creates a new section under the federal Food, Drug and Cosmetic (FD&C) Act that al lows compounders to voluntarily become "outsourcing facilities." As a registered outsourcing facility,
Sharma, till couple of years back was a compounder at the tuberculosis centre of the SMS hospital.
According to a report by market analysts AMI, compounders have managed to ride out the storm of the global recession through preserving margins as opposed to chasing growth.
Plaintiff attorney Stephanie Grana of Richmond, Virginia--who represented the families of victims injured by the compounded heart drug at Mary Washington Hospital in Fredericksburg--said the compounder in the case and its parent company both claimed they could document their compliance with USP 797.
But a creative team of researchers at ReSyk Inc., Brigham City, Utah, may turn this around with the development of The T6-350 Compounder.
The compounder is said to get by with just a single product, which greatly simplifies logistics and warehousing.
They are continuously pressed to the dosing section and transported by the co-rotating screws of the compounder.
Farrel describes the Ultima Compounder as a combination of the "first true two-stage continuous mixer and a single-screw extruder on a unitized support frame." It reportedly provides extra mixing length and residence time, and an expanded polymer processing window.