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McGuff as President of the McGuff family of companies directed all companies to immediately initiate a strategic operational and financial strategy to secure AAI from the regulatory upheaval within the compounding pharmacy market.
As a result of the regulatory overhaul in the compounding space, many hospitals have upgraded and expanded their compounding pharmacy capabilities.
related to the New England Compounding Pharmacy fiasco, (171) which
These reports not only give us a peek into current compounding pharmacy practices, they also provide valuable insight into current FDA expectations.
Northern New England Compounding Pharmacy, which has been in Littleton since 2006, will change its name to Eastern States Compounding Pharmacy effective Jan.
NECC is a compounding pharmacy that makes custom versions of medicines has been previously investigated by Massachusetts health regulators and the U.
The NABP doesn't list any compounding pharmacies, although Choice Compounding Pharmacy (choicecompound-ingpharmacy.
Many women believe that bioidentical hormones can be obtained only at a compounding pharmacy (a pharmacy that makes hormone formulations).
recently reported a 5-state outbreak of Serratia marcescens bloodstream infections associated with contaminated intravenous magnesium sulfate from a compounding pharmacy (3).
Rather, Broadway Apothecary is a compounding pharmacy, which means its pharmacists and pharmacy technicians custom-make each prescription for each patient.
This report describes the investigation, which determined that a measuring error by a Texas compounding pharmacy resulted in a fatal colchicine concentration that was eight times greater than the recognized standard level.
Last year, patients and their families sued a Fredericksburg, Virginia, hospital and the compounding pharmacy that made a contaminated drug that doctors used in heart bypass surgery.