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This immediately opens up new possibilities for micro granule PEEK compounds to be developed with glass fiber reinforced or even with fluoropolymer additives for the hot compression molding.
It's fabricated in a direct long fiber thermoplastic (DLFT) process from a PP compression molding compound reinforced with long glass fiber rovings.
Extrusion followed by injection molding and SMC followed by compression molding both have been used to fabricate biocomposites to investigate the influence of processing on their performance.
These substrates are made utilizing compression molding, a process combining pressing force and heat.
PrimoSpire PR-120 is for compression molding and extrusion; PR-250 is for injection molding and extrusion.
With results similar to those of compression molding, but requiring less expensive molds and machinery, the process uses a single-sided mold, an oven for melting the resin, and a rubber diaphragm to conform the material to the shape of the mold.
Isayev, Injection and Compression Molding FUndamentals, Marcel Dekker Inc.
Various types of silicone feeders are available for both injection and compression molding.
Because of this dual nature, the material can be used in processes including (but not limited to): compression molding, injection molding, extrusion, resin transfer molding, and reactive injection molding.
Valyi SFC in-mold finishing [4] uses the compression molding process to mold parts with a Class A film finish or other finishing materials.
A Wabash compression molding machine was used to produce neat and talc-filled HDPE, PP, and PPS sheets.