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The initial charge's shape, temperature, stress tensor and anisotropic material property are first computed by LS-Dyna; then, carrying those physical properties, the deformed charge is exported to Moldex3D to continue the compression molding analysis.
As a preliminary study to understand the SMC molding process and examine the validity of models used in simulation of SMC compression molding, the authors performed trial molding experiments to produce plaques parts for testing use.
In penetration tests (DIN EN ISO 66032), the Tepex dynalite formulation used has proved to be eight to nine times more impact resistant at room temperature than a DLFT compression molding compound based on polypropylene.
Compression Molding of BBSGF Biocomposites From SMC
to 70% less than compression moldings in comparative lot sizes, says the company.
She describes injection molding fenders and quarter panels "with 3D geometries that aren't limited by compression molding constraints.
The compression molding process was carried out at a melt temperature of 160 [degrees] C for neat and 20% talc-filled HDPE and PP and 310 [degrees] C for neat and 20% talc-filled PPS.
With the injection compression molding process, material is injected into a partially open mold and is subsequently compressed.
The first grade, for compression molding, became available in 2004.
Compression molding thus retains the advantage of modest deformation and no region of sharp stress gradient.