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Another latest treatment is the Normatec compression therapy with zero gravity chair for lower back treatment, lymphatic drainage and massage.
Compression therapy devices represent a multibillion dollar market at a global level.
It provides patients with custom orthotics, upper and lower extremity prostheses, compression therapy and lymphedema products.
The plastic surgeon stated that the compression therapy, unlike the traditional routine wound dressing, ensures faster and better healing because it also addresses poor blood circulation in the leg that contributes to poor wound healing.
The researchers found that the percentage of patients with RVO was significantly lower among those who received compression therapy immediately after diagnosis of deep vein thrombosis (46.3 versus 66.7 percent; odds ratio, 0.46).
Its product line includes GRPro 2.1 cold and compression therapy system; Med4 Elite multi-modality therapy unit; ATX Wraps; and a variety of product accessories, all of which complement Halyard's existing Pain Management portfolio.
Halyard Health announced it has entered into a definitive agreement to acquire CoolSystems, marketed as Game Ready, a market-leading provider of cold therapy and compression therapy systems for a total consideration of $65M in cash.
As more studies revealed the benefits of compression therapy, more people became aware of the advantages of wearing a pair as they go about their daily activities.
A supervised exercise program for patients with venous leg ulcers has shown improved healing times over compression therapy alone, according to a paper published online in the British Journal of Dermatology.
They cover anatomy; the pathophysiology of varicose veins; the clinical exam; imaging; compression therapy; endovenous thermal ablation; sclerotherapy; ambulatory phlebectomy; safety, quality, and complications; and new endovascular techniques.
In the Sheffield Hallam University study of 39 patients with venous leg ulcers who were randomized to compression therapy plus supervised exercise (including aerobic, resistance and flexibility elements) or compression therapy only, ulcer healing time was lower in the exercise group (13 versus 35 weeks).
The company said the Med4 Elite is a powerful multi-modality rehabilitation tool that delivers iceless cold therapy, heat therapy, rapid contrast (alternating heat and cold) therapy as well as intermittent pneumatic compression therapy to dual-users.