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The cementing properties of ash mixtures were evaluated by uniaxial compressive strength tests under continuous loading (20 kPa.
In this research work, an attempt was made to analyse the effect of curing on compressive strength of concrete.
ASTM C 39, Test Method for Compressive Strength of Cylindrical Concrete Specimens
Compared with Portland cement, silica fume and metakaolin as binary cement components also reduced the compressive strength of concrete (Table 4).
This study investigates the compressive strength properties of selected Malaysian tropical timber based on structural size specimens and compared the results with the data from small clear specimens.
A total of 459 cylindrical concrete specimens were tested to determine their compressive strength, elasticity modulus and tensile strength by the diametrical compression test and Poisson's ratio.
Conclusions: Bulk fill material with Zr nano-hybrid filler (ZC) showed high compressive strength compared to MC and LC.
The compressive strength of sandstone is higher than that of mudstone under the same confining pressure.
Furthermore, using reaction degrees of cement and slag, volumetric stoichiometries of cement hydration and slag reaction, and mixing proportions of slag blended concrete, the gel-space ratio [17-20] and compressive strength development of hardening concrete can be calculated [17-20].
Following 28 days curing, compressive strength tests [20], water absorption and unit weight tests [21] were run on cube samples.
Compressive strength was conducted on 100mm cubes according to BS EN 12390-3.
Concrete containing rice husk ash improved higher compressive strength [3].