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The compressive strength was determined after 28 days, with the help of the press H200kU produced by Tinius Olsen Ltd from Salfords, England at a load speed of 200 N/s and load measurement accuracy of [+ or -]0.
Hardened mortars (1:3) made with a CFB OSA content of 80-100% exhibit the highest compressive strength, in spite of high water demand (Table 4).
The new functions include, an integrated gain stage making an external amplifier unnecessary when using long cables or exponential transducers, a real time stamp for recording the time of measurement, a data review list that allows previous measurements to be viewed on site, and a correlation to compressive strength either directly from pulse velocity or in combination with a rebound value (SONREB method).
The density distribution associated to the compressive strength variable is of uniform type
The effect of acid on the specimen was regularly monitored through compressive strength tests during exposure to the acid solution A Digital compression testing machine was employed to determine the compressive strength of the specimen at regular intervals.
Rebound numbers, UPV values and compressive strength are observed at various temperatures which are given in the Table.
Based on the test results, the compressive strength of steel fibre reinforced concrete [f.
Bearings manufactured from these grades have high compressive strength, electrical conductivity, load capacity, and wear resistance.
She added that Indiana Limestone, which has a range of tones from buff to grey, is both beautiful and durable and has a compressive strength greater than any other limestone.
T 811 om-02 "Edgewise compressive strength of corrugated fiberboard (short column test)" (April 12, 2006)