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To embrace, cover, or include; to confine within; to consist of.

In the law governing patents—grants of an exclusive right or privilege to make, use, or sell an invention or product for a term of years—the term comprise indicates inclusion rather than limitation. When a patent claim states that a particular product is comprised of certain elements, this means that other elements may also be present.

As used in the devise of land, comprise means to contain or embrace. A plot of land may be comprised of a certain number of acres.

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"Constitute, in the sense of form or make up, may be the best word if neither compose nor comprise seems to fit: Fifty states constitute the United States.
* If certain business activities comprise a taxpayer's principal business activity, they will bar a taxpayer from using the new rules.
They supply 4.35 calories/gram, and should comprise 15-25% of caloric intake.
Fortunately, franchise industry leaders have recognized that the industry cannot sustain the rapid expansion of the past decade without taking steps to tap everyone, including African-Americans, who comprises the pool of potential franchise owners.
10,028,895 B2; L'Oreal, Paris, has patented a method for preparing an emulsion, that comprises preparing an O/W dispersion comprising at least one cationic surface active adsorbed to the oil-water interface such that oil droplets have a cationic surface; preparing a solution comprising at least one dissolved silicate salt; adjusting the pH of the solution with the one dissolved silicate salt to a range of 6.0 to about 9.0 to create anionic complexes; mixing the O/W dispersion and the solution such that the anionic complexes are attracted to the cationic surface of the oil droplets, resulting in encapsulated oil droplets.
The method, which entails elevating the temperature of the hair straightening iron to a temperature of from about 50[degrees]C to about 180[degrees]C; does not comprise a rinsing step between steps, according to the patent literature.
Most sidewall units comprise two extruders, if no additional whitewall component is needed.
The method entails topically applying to inflamed skin, a composition comprising 0.01wt.% to 0.5wt.% of an aqueous extract of Opuntia ficus-indica tuna, Opuntia ficus-indica nopales, or a combination thereof to reduce TNF-[alpha] or VEGF production in skin cells to treat the inflamed skin, wherein the composition further comprises at least 50wt.% water.
The subject matter further discloses a process comprising mixing while heating under shear forces a first component comprising organic waste and thermoplastic waste with a second component comprising at least one element selected from the group consisting of vulcanized rubber and tire cords; to obtain a melt; processing the melt, the processing comprises at least cooling the melt to obtain a composite material comprising: organic element; thermoplastic element; and at least one element selected from the group consisting of vulcanized rubber and tire cords.
The Australia series comprises of 2 Test Matches and 3 T-20I matches.
The method comprises providing a device substrate which has a substantially uniform surface.