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They used to be called compromise agreements until 2013.
e National Association of Head Teachers said it knew of at least two heads who left schools as a result of Trojan Horse activity and signed compromise agreements which stopped them speak-speak ing out.
Confidentiality clauses within these compromise agreements may be appropriate in some circumstances, but they have been used inappropriately to deter former employees from speaking out about serious and systematic failures within the public sector, for example, in patient care or child safety.
The total - which covers a 10-year period - sees 80% of the costs of agreements struck by Welsh councils containing compromise agreements made up by Cardiff, which was revealed last year to have paid out more than PS26m over five years - though much of that sum was accrued during the tenure of the Liberal Democrat-Plaid Cymru administration before Labour came to power in 2012.
The Permanent Representatives Committee (COREPER II) on November 6 in Brussels has approved compromise agreements with the European Parliament on the financing of two Justice area programmes in the EU multiannual budget for 2014 2020.
twitter Join us @ He wrote: "I am aware that there has been some rumour and speculation in recent days regarding compromise agreements that it is suggested may have been entered into by the council.
Earlier this year the NAO condemned the lack of "transparency, consistency and accountability" around the compromise agreements - which can mean individuals pocket hundreds of thousands of pounds to leave jobs quietly.
Given the nature of many African economies and the outcomes they need to achieve from foreign investment in developing their mineral resources, there have emerged in recent years some very specific areas of real sensitivity which can compromise agreements," Blakiston said.
Mr Higgins described the last day for workers at the Garretts Green plant as "ridiculous" - and re-iterated warnings of legal action over compromise agreements which workers had been forced to sign.
Jeremy Hunt said compromise agreements, which mean NHS staff cannot raise concerns that may embarrass employers when they leave, would be barred immediately.
A BBC spokesman said, "No staff past or present have been prevented from contributing to the review, including those who have signed compromise agreements .