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An officer who conducts the fiscal affairs of a state or Municipal Corporation.

A comptroller, which is often synonymous with auditor, generally has specific duties including the supervision of revenue, the examination and certification of accounts, and the inspection, examination, or control of the accounts of other public officials.

A state comptroller's major function is the final auditing and settling of all claims arising against the state.

The chief financial officer of any private organization, such as a university or a corporation, is also called a comptroller.

Within the federal government, the office of the comptroller of the currency exists as part of the national banking system. The function of this office is to promulgate and execute rules and regulations that govern the national banks. The approval of the comptroller of currency is essential to the organization of new national banks, as well as the transformation of state-chartered banks into national banks and the consolidation and merger of banks.

The comptroller general of the United States is the leading official of the General Accounting Office whose primary duty is to audit various governmental agencies.

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The truth is that the Comptroller lost the great turf struggle of 1999: Chairman Alan Greenspan at the Fed and Chairman Arthur Levitt at the SEC ate the Comptroller's lunch.
Deputy Comptrollers are Agbo A.H, Abdulrahman T, Salihu M.S, Abubakar M.D, Bello A.N, Chima D.N, Muhammed M, Aliyu D.G, Idris K.I, Namanu A, Zakari N, Ibume R.k, Oyafemi C.I, Waziri S.A, Abioye, T.0, Idris A.I, Muhammed A.B, Ebieme A.U, Adamu S.A, Yusuf S, Adie B.U and Dauda A.
The owner of the goods then has one week within which to give notice to the comptroller that he claims the items, whereupon proceedings shall be taken for the forfeiture and condemnation thereof.
The NEC chair notes that the position of the comptroller general has a propensity to undermine a peaceful conduct of the already delayed by-elections, arguing that the process for which the money was disbursed is still in progress, and that full report will be provided at the close of the entire electoral process.
The case stemmed from an investigation by the Office of Illinois Comptroller, which administers and enforces state laws regarding pre-need funeral purchases and service delivery.
Grovetta had been senior deputy comptroller for Compliance and Community Affairs since March 2016.
Kramer's first bill, weighing in at 78 pages, would strip enforcement of alcohol, tobacco and motor fuel laws and regulations from the comptroller. Enforcement would be moved under a newly created commission appointed by the governor.
Each comptroller had a unique personality and each had a different view of the favorite part of the job.
"My office has no tolerance for City contractors who cheat their workers from the wages and benefits they have rightfully earned," Comptroller Stringer said.
Texas Comptroller Glenn Hegar could cast the deciding vote on a new form of gambling in the state on Thursday, but he isn't saying whether he'll break the monthslong deadlock at the Texas Racing Commission.
Comptroller, (3) the more frequent issuance of declaratory rulings to taxpayers requesting guidance regarding Maryland's tax laws, and (4) the publication of all Maryland Tax Court decisions.