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One of the strengths of CompuServe has been the quality of its content for business and professional users,'' added Cathryn Baskin, editor of PC World, a magazine that caters to computer-proficient managers and professionals.
Click on the "Disconnect" icon (two cables being separated) and then on "Exit" to exit the Compuserve software.
In Manhattan, one of the Beverly Hotel's owners, Leslie Dreier, cruises through Compuserve in the New York and Travel Forums.
America Online is a great outlet for users who are too advanced for Prodigy but not savvy enough for CompuServe.
The administrator at each LAN site will register the location with CompuServe and will be assigned an address that can be used by other CompuServe Mail customersto send messages to that LAN.
Strong grass roots support for Parti has developed since announcement of the sale, as users of the system established an online conference to discuss the options for continuing the conferencing area on CompuServe or another network.
At Wednesday's stock price, CompuServe is worth about $1.
Since February 1998, CompuServe has been a wholly owned subsidiary of America Online, Inc.
As part of the AOL Web Properties Group, both Netscape and CompuServe offer Web surfers access to the best content on the Internet.
CompuServe shares rose 3/16 to 10 and 13/16 Friday.
com and CompuServe allow users to show their hometown pride and build a free Web page about where they live -- the good, bad and the just plain strange.
on-line service and to a deliberate marketing slowdown while the company developed new software for its mainstay CompuServe Information Service.