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CompuServe probably has the most loyal customers in the online business.
Whitcomb of CompuServe, Incorporated, 614-538-4457, or e-mail, gail_w@compuserve.
When a connection has been established, the Compuserve opening screen will be displayed.
CompuServe Membership Kit, including the software for CompuServe Information Manager, costs $49.
CompuServe is a registered trademark and IP LINK is a service mark of CompuServe Incorporated.
Based in Columbus, Ohio, CompuServe offers its members features such as a customizable main menu with local news and personalized stock portfolios with real time quotes, e-mail, Internet search, Instant Messaging, a wide variety of online shopping options, and Member Values, a regularly updated list of incredible savings and values exclusively for members.
In addition, CompuServe is growing strongly with large corporate customers, a lucrative market that AOL has been examining.
With a huge array of offerings ranging from downloadable music to machine-based language translation services, CompuServe has served as a catalyst to get people and companies online.
Under a three-year, multimillion-dollar agreement, CompuServe will provide network access that Internet In A Box customers will use to connect to the Internet.
In the 10 years since Smith has co-authored the column, Beck/Smith has broken such stories as the reunion of the surviving Beatles and for CompuServe readers, the recent bombshell of Janet Jackson's divorce after a secret eight-year marriage.
CompuServe shares rose 3/16 to 10 and 13/16 Friday.