compulsory acquisition

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Volkswagen does not intend to acquire any shares in Scania outside the compulsory acquisition proceedings after 5 June 2014.
Telenor had therefore decided to initiate a compulsory acquisition procedure for the remaining shares in Utfors, at a rate of SEK0.99.
the office advised on the import of Article 40 ( 3 ), which provides that for compulsory acquisition, the land must be acquired for public purpose or in the public interest and that there should be prompt payment in full, or just compensation to the person,' Kihara said.
Vodafone said that it would implement compulsory acquisition procedures to acquire 100% of the shares in Europolitan, and would seek the de-listing of the company's shares from the Stockholm Exchange.
'Sh1.9 billion for State Department of Basic Education of which Sh1.5 billion is to cater for legal compensation in respect of compulsory acquisition of private lands by the government,' the report read in part.
Australian office landlord Dexus Property Group and its partner Canada Pension Plan Investment Board or CPPIB are hoping to continue with the compulsory acquisition of Commonwealth Property Office Fund, which is the property fund handled by Commonwealth Bank of Australia.
Also, it is Hexagon's intention, following settlement of the offer, to complete a compulsory acquisition of any minority shares in Veripos not owned by Hexagon.
13 November 2012 - British investor Joe Lewis' company, Mayfair Capital Investments Limited, said it had secured a 93.09% stake in local broadcast services firm Timeweave Plc (LON:TMW) through a buyout bid and would proceed with the compulsory acquisition of the remaining shares targeted by its offer.
i-data Canada plans to acquire the remaining Eicon shares under the compulsory acquisition provisions of Canada's Business Corporations Act as soon as possible.
'In cases where there is an urgent necessity for the acquisition of land and it would be contrary to the public interest for acquisition to be delayed by following the normal procedures of compulsory acquisition under these Act, the commission may take possession of uncultivated or pasture or arable land upon expiration of the 15 days from the date of publication of the notice of intention to acquire and on the expiration of that time the commission shall notwithstanding that no award has been made take possession of that land,' Article 82 of the Land Law Amendment Act 2016 reads in part.
Prior Information Notice: Technical agency in the implementation of compulsory acquisition procedure and determining the equivalent cash compensation of property necessary for the construction of the "struma" lot 3 ".
NORDIC BUSINESS REPORT-October 2, 2013-Hoganas announces request for compulsory acquisition of its remaining shares by H Intressenter(C)2013 M2 COMMUNICATIONS