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The extension of compulsory military service for young Emiratis have been hailed by many as the right step in nurturing patriotism and self-discipline among the youth.
But the government's spokesman, Benjamin Grivo, has confirmed that Macron's plan is for compulsory military service and the president has not given up on his idea.
She said that both Estonia and Lithuania had compulsory military service therefore Latvia should consider returning to military conscription for national self-defense purposes.
KUWAIT, Jan 6 (KUNA) -- Compulsory military service would help instill in draftees a sense of patriotism while reinforcing the need for optimism, a Kuwaiti military official said on Saturday.
A transgender teenager has been jailed for refusing to carry out compulsory military service in Israel.
The Ministry of Defense approved on the twenty-fifth of last month the draft law of compulsory military service / military service / and submitted it to the State Council for consideration.
For instance, Turkish citizens, indoctrinated with the ultra-nationalistic ideology, will only rarely question why the sons of poor families usually fulfill their compulsory military service in conflict-ridden areas such as the Southeast, while others with a more privileged family status will serve in the relatively peaceful western parts of the country.
During wartime, we require those who seek exemption from compulsory military service to serve our community as conscientious objector civilians.
Around 15,000-16,000 young Tajik men aged 18-27 are annually called up for compulsory military service. They can avoid or postpone service if they are ill, studying at university, an only son, or if they have two children.
SEOUL, Sha'ban 25, 1435, Jun 23, 2014, SPA -- A stand-off between South Korean troops and a conscript soldier who killed five comrades ended on Monday when the young recruit shot himself in an incident that has raised fresh questions over the country's rules on compulsory military service, Reuters reported.
The anti-military, pacifist campaign is backed by the activist group "No to Compulsory Military Service", which was founded as a Facebook page in 2009.
Bahrain's proposal includes key recommendations urging parliaments to raise the minimum age for compulsory military service to 18 years, ban voluntary recruitment for children under 18 and incriminate deliberate use of children in violent demonstrations, political rallies and riots, Ms Salman added.

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