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Titles like Toy Story, Monsters Inc, and Shrek cemented the success of computer animation, but there still exists a large community of fans that remain nostalgic and loyal towards hand-drawn animation.
Such features apparently compensate for the lack of photorealistic representation, A computer animation is not just a likeness but also a data-gadget that makes the fastest possible calculations--and visualizes them immediately.
The first section deals with a summary of the major creative and technical trends, as well as computer animation and visual effect milestones.
3) With computer animation, "improper means" would occur if the jury viewing the computer animation accepted the testimony conveyed in the animation more readily than if the jury evaluated the testimony based on all of the presented evidence.
Then again, these are critical times for computer animation and the link between them is not coincidental.
The process is called computer animation, and it's a high-tech, virtual reality exercise that uses some of the world's most powerful computers to convince you that the computer generated imagery (CGI) you are watching is the real thing.
In Europe, intense research into computer animation is going on, and a number of animation firms have banded together in an effort to speed up progress.
DH's three-and-a-half-minute video used live actors (mostly the company's staff) and computer animation and graphics -- which were integrated with the company's brochures, also translated into different languages.
The purpose of this research was to find out effective and practically feasible methods of teaching science with the help of computer animation in schools.

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