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The rapid advancement of computer technology has made computer animation available to the masses.
Such features apparently compensate for the lack of photorealistic representation, A computer animation is not just a likeness but also a data-gadget that makes the fastest possible calculations--and visualizes them immediately.
The first section deals with a summary of the major creative and technical trends, as well as computer animation and visual effect milestones.
There, the appeals court agreed with the circuit court that the computer animation of a vehicular homicide was properly used to illustrate a detective's reconstruction of the motor vehicle.
The good news is that being young doesn't mean you won't be able to get a good job in the computer animation business.
At the other side of the world, in Korea, which today is doing the major percentage of cel painting work for the Americans, one of the key animation companies - Sei Yung - is developing plans to install 50 work stations of the new, American-developed Metrolight computer animation system.
More and more biotechnology companies are realizing the power that well executed computer animation can bring to their marketing portfolio, we are here to make sure that this industry has access to the same level of sophistication as the entertainment industry," states Jeff Hazelton, BioLucid's President and founder.
That's Sheridan College, of course, the Sorbonne of computer animation out there in Oakville, Ont.
CHICAGO -- SIGGRAPH announces the Computer Animation Festival's Best in Show, Jury Award, and Best Student Project recipients for SIGGRAPH 2011 in Vancouver, 7-11 August 2011.
But when Pixar first went public in November 1995, computer animation was still in its early days.
11 /PRNewswire/ -- Computer Graphics World has been granted the exclusive rights to produce the program guide for the SIGGRAPH 2003 Computer Animation Festival.
In spite of the highly technical orientation of CGI and the intensely mechanical background of some of the animators, the point of computer animation is artistically based, which is not to say that the objective of CGI is to duplicate photorealism.

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