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The "Uplift" venture that was started this current year included new and enhanced device at the plant that is used to make computer chips.
Its the closest thing I've ever seen to an actual computer chip.
The wiring found in the latest generation of computer chips is much finer than any conventional fibre optic cable, which operate effectively at diameters no smaller than one-thousandth of a millimetre.
The essential difference to a usual computer chip is that the information is not stored and processed based on the laws of classical physics, but on those of quantum physics.
e-passport computer chip limit the risks of malicious code being resident on the chip, a necessary precondition for a malicious code attack to occur from the chip against computer systems that read them.
It comes after an inquiry in which the Commission found Intel guilty of deliberately keeping rivals out of the global market for computer chips.
A GALWAY-based waste disposal company is planning to insert computer chips into wheelie bins which will be tracked by satellites.
Sure, on paper it amounts to some $24 million, but in reality the defense contractor's gift--$22 million in intellectual property including patents and patent applications, plus $2 million in equipment--will help position UCF as a leader in developing super-small computer chips.
But the gang failed to pay tax on nearly pounds 112million of computer chips bought from Ireland.
PORTLAND - Oregon computer chip makers are hoping that the second half of 2003 will turn around the industry's long-standing slump.
The VeriChip is a programmable computer chip about the size of a grain of rice that emits a radio signal when a special scanning device is passed over it.
The now-omnipresent silicon-based computer chip just looks benign.

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