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The Commission says Intel gave major computer companies "wholly or partially hidden" rebates on condition that they bought almost all of their x86 central processing units - computer chips - from Intel.
Founded seven years ago by David Haberman and David Walker, DCH's primary business is manufacturing sensors that use computer chips no bigger than a dime to sniff out hydrogen gas.
Technology called -- could someday produce a GPS computer chip under your skin.
In particular, all systems that utilize computer chips must be examined (especially embedded, or BIOS computer chips).
Greenock: Haven Products raided in Scotland's first computer chip robbery in 1994.
Toyota Motor Corporation (NYSE: TM)(LSE: TYT)(TYO: 7203), a Japan-based automaker, has developed a computer chip for its petrol-electric hybrid vehicles.
The MIT team, led by research scientist Chi-Sang Poon, has been able to design a computer chip that can simulate the activity of a single brain synapse.
US computer chip giants Intel have been fined a record pounds 953million by the the European Commission for breaching fair competition rules.
For example, the word "chip" in HTML could mean a person's name, a computer chip or a chocolate chip.
The world's largest computer chip maker plans a successor to its Pentium II line - including a chip code-named Foster with a target speed of one gigahertz - expected in late 2000 or early 2001.
chairman and CEO of IBM, have announced the largest industrial investment in New York Stale history - $700 million - to build the world's most advanced computer chip development facility at the Hudson Valley Research Park in East Fishkill in Dutchess County, NY, creating 400 new jobs.
With the availability of EUV photomasks, and the presence of a critical mass of semiconductor tool suppliers and computer chip manufacturers at CNSE's Albany NanoTech site, when coupled with ASML's earlier demonstration of operating wafer and reticle stages in a vacuum environment, integration of an alpha exposure tool at CNSE is a logical progression in preparing both the technology and the industry for adopting the EUV technology.

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