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The results indicate that the most important reason students collaborated in both computer conferencing and the fishbowl was to obtain help with their research, although students in the fishbowl rated that benefit as even more important than did students in computer conferencing.
Coverage includes the implications of distance education for people with disabilities, expanding the potential of distance learning spaces through multimodal tools, text-based computer conferencing in distance education, pedagogical sustainability of network-based distance education in university teaching, future directions of e-learning technology development for efficient lifelong learning, a constructivism interactive videoconferencing pedagogy model for the whole learning environment, and the problems, prospects, and progress of distance learning in a developing country.
Topics include internet use among employees, computer conferencing in a dispersed negotiation setting, the diminishing role of age and gender in computer usage, and commercialized business software specifications for consumers.
To date, no provision for computer-based technologies such as computer conferencing or Internet delivery has been identified.
Asynchronous computer conferencing is structured communication among multiple participants from multiple sites, often involving group discussions and different access levels among categories of users (Shafer, 2003).
This article describes a three-year research project that explored the computer conferencing experiences of practicing teachers who were involved in a two year, nontraditional master's program.
In its 12th cohort, the program offers degrees to a mixture of physicians and health care professionals, who must complete 18 three-credit hour courses via on-campus and computer conferencing learning experiences.
One of the most useful presentations at the Planetwork conference was "The Multiple Dimensions of Emergent Media," by Mark Graham, a computer conferencing pioneer who founded Peacenet and was president of Whole Earth Media, in addition to many other credentials.
Another method of distance education is computer conferencing, which permits either synchronous (at the same time) or asynchronous (at different times) communication capability (Connick, 1999).
With computer conferencing on the Web gaining popularity, the company announced an end to the annual meeting.
I am arguing in the Liberal Democrats that our General Election planning for the West Midlands should be discussed in an on-line computer conferencing system.

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