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Jones brings a decade of computer forensics experience to 4Discovery
David Harrison spoke recently during a comprehensive interview when he stated, "Advances in diagnostic developments and the expanding knowledge about computer forensic evidence among potential jurors are expected to increase the use of computer forensic evidence in criminal proceedings.
Reports by IDC, a Massachusetts-based market research firm, suggest that the market for computer forensics will more than double by 2009.
Other areas requiring computer forensics skills include spatial data analysis within the police force which maps crime patterns and identifies potential locations of suspects.
What to Look For in Professional Grade Computer Forensics Products
Put simply, computer forensics focuses on the acquisition, restoration and analysis of digital data.
LINDON, Utah -- AccessData's Forensic Toolkit[R] (FTK [R]) has been named a finalist in the "Best Computer Forensics Tool" category of the "Reader Trust" segment by the 2012 SC Magazine Awards.
A frequent lecturer on computer forensics, incident response, and cybercrime, Warren currently serves as the President of the Digital Forensics Certification Board.
the first part of "Computer Forensics" is dedicated to exploring various crimes, laws, policies, forensic tools, and the information required to understand the underlying concepts of computer forensic investigation.
Exercises, case studies, and crime examples make Computer Forensics a practical manual.
Worldwide Computer Products News-1 December 2004-Inforenz launches computer forensics tool(C)1995-2004 M2 COMMUNICATIONS LTD http://www.
Guidance Software of Pasadena, California, has expanded its computer forensics training program.

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