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The bottom line is this: After matching users' work needs and computer power, give them adequate training so they can use the computer most effectively.
Using normally wasted computer power to attack problems that cannot be solved in any other way is truly wonderful and important.
Forecasters have known about this approach for a long time but have had difficulty using it because of limitations in computer power.
As more raw computer power is made available to standard desktop PCs, however, the three-dimensional capabilities that have long been accessible to engineers and industrial designers are quickly becoming standard consumer features.
0 GHz designed to drive significant performance improvements in multitasking computer power for processing multithreaded applications with a total of four processor cores.
But determining pi--the ratio of the circumference of a circle to its diameter--to billions of decimal places requires mathematical ingenuity and tremendous computer power.
NYSE: VSH) today released a new 500-kHz half-bridge dc-to-dc controller and synchronous rectifier driver that work together as a chipset to enable more efficient 25-W to 300-W telecom and computer power supplies.
In a joint report, the five experts concluded that, even with tremendous increases in computer power, there was no significant risk that SKIPJACK could be broken in the next 30 or 40 years by an exhaustive search based on trying every possible key.
DALLAS -- ON Semiconductor (Nasdaq: ONNN), a leading global supplier of power management solutions, today unveiled a GreenPoint(TM) reference design for 90-watt (W) notebook computer power adapters.
From their study and others, they conclude that "dramatically increased computer power would not, by itself, be sufficient to greatly improve either our ability to simulate the present climate or our confidence in climate-change simulations produced by existing models.
Both SECs will develop advanced power management solutions for the computer power and the power conversion markets.

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