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WORD, construction. One or more syllables which when united convey an idea a single part of speech.
     2. Words are to be understood in a proper or figurative sense, and they are used both ways in law. They are also used in a technical sense. It is a general rule that contracts and wills shall be construed as the parties understood them; every person, however, is presumed to understand the force of the words be uses, and therefore technical words must be taken according to their legal import, even in wills, unless the testator manifests a clear intention to the contrary. 1 Bro. C. C. 33; 3 Bro. C. C. 234; 5 Ves. 401 8 Ves. 306.
     3. Every one is required to use words in the sense they are generally understood, for, as speech has been given to man to be a sign of his thoughts, for the purpose of communicating them to others, he is bound in treating with them, to use such words or signs in the sense sanctioned by usage, that is, in the sense in which they themselves understand them, or else he deceives them. Heinnec. Praelect. in Puffendorff, lib. 1, cap. 17, Sec. 2 Heinnec. de Jure Nat. lib. 1, Sec. 197; Wolff, lust. Jur. Nat. Sec. 7981.
     4. Formerly, indeed, in cases of slander, the defamatory words received the mildest interpretation of which they were susceptible, and some ludicrous decisions were the consequence. It was gravely decided, that to say of a merchant, "he is a base broken rascal, has broken twice, and I will make him break a third time," that no action could be maintained, because it might be intended that he had a hernia: ne poet dar porter action, car poet estre intend de burstness de belly. Latch, 104. But now they are understood in their usual signification. Comb. 37; Ham. N. P. 282. Vide Bouv. Inst. Index, h.t.; Construction; Interpretation.

A Law Dictionary, Adapted to the Constitution and Laws of the United States. By John Bouvier. Published 1856.
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The plants collective computer power is estimated to be the equivalent of 500 personal computers.
The recent tremendous rise in computer power and data-handling capacity has supplied the foundation for progress in diverse imaging modalities, ranging from light microscopy of signaling elements in single cells to functional brain mapping with magnetic resonance imaging.
CRM has bee hoisted to new heights by the massive computer power that developed in the 1990s and now the Internet -- which Newell calls "the most powerful form of communications ever developed" -- will take it higher still.
The computer power and memory of a new avionics-control unit (ACU) in the U.S.
Secondly, computer power has been increasing exponentially for generations and will probably continue to do so--in large part because every time you build a faster computer it allows you to build a faster one still.
NTT Data estimates some 200,000 transactions may have been affected by the trouble, which is thought to have derived from a breakdown in the computer power source.
These operating systems and applications require significantly more computer power than their predecessor systems running on MSDOS.
It is strangely off-the-cuff, and all about face: "Early in the next millennium your right and your left cuff links or earrings may communicate with each other by low-orbiting satellites and have more computer power than your present PC." Have you ever wondered what your earrings would say to each other if they could have a confidential conversation?
In addition to the highly desirable lease costs, the IBM facilities, with their superior air conditioning technologies and lower electrical utility rates in place at these sites, will save the State more than $3 million per year in power costs based on comparable computer power loads."
And some people cease to function without computer power while traveling.
And while these multinational corporations are powerful, the falling cost of information and computer power has done more to change the world than any activity of a big enterprise.
What's more, the seemingly unstoppable growth of affordable computer power may encourage more processors to employ computerized analysis tools in the future.

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