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in the constitutional law of the UK, an office as old as, or older than, the 14th century, the main duty of which is to preside over the HOUSE OF COMMONS. Now, the Speaker of the House of Commons is elected by the Commons but on the nomination of the party leaders after wide consultation with ordinary Members. It is a convention that the sovereign's consent is sought and given. The Speaker is usually re-elected in subsequent Parliaments. The Speaker liaises with the Queen and between the Commons and the Lords. See LORD CHANCELLOR.
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SPEAKER. The presiding officer of the house of representatives of the United States is so called. The presiding officer of either branch of the state legislatures generally bears this name.

A Law Dictionary, Adapted to the Constitution and Laws of the United States. By John Bouvier. Published 1856.
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Therefore we need to get permission from the copyright holder to listen to music broadcast on radios, CDs, computer speakers, if music is played for customers as well as our staff.
This audio download may be played on one's computer speakers, burned to an audio CD, or saved on a portable music device such as an iPod.
Headphones are recommended, or at least a decent set of computer speakers. You'll also need Flash--if you don't have it, you can download it for free at www.adobe.com.
Easily the funkiest pair of computer speakers I have seen, the Cubiks from Palo Alto Design certainly live up to their name.
It pains me to think of these pieces being compressed into various audio file formats and played back through inexpensive headphones or run-of-the-mill computer speakers. This album begs to be heard through above-average speakers in a room large enough to allow the attention to detail that went into the recording, mixing, and mastering to fill the air.
The company also carries personal audio products such as headphones, computer speakers and speaker docks; in addition to world-class car audio equipment including amplifiers, sound enhancers, subwoofers and speakers.
That included a robot with computer speakers for eyes, and the screens of an overhead projector for cheeks.
"Previously, schools would buy a $20 set of computer speakers, which wouldn't meet teachers' needs."
Supplying power strips to employees to use for their often-forgotten energy users--such as computer speakers and radios--is a low-cost approach to reducing energy.
Your computer speakers might be sufficient to watch YouTube clips, but unless you have a decent set of external computer speakers BOSE (BOSE MusicMonitor cost Rs 23,500 approx.) and Altec Lansing (Expressionist Classic Rs 4,000) make some good sets don't bother really to throw a party.
Comfortable, and well made.The sound is crisp, detailed and better than many computer speakers.

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