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n. an explanation of the law governing a case which the judge gives orally to the jury after the attorneys have presented all the evidence and have made final arguments, but before the jury begins deliberations.

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another word, used mainly in the USA, for the judge's CHARGE to a jury.
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INSTRUCTION, French law. This word signifies the means used and formality employed to prepare a case for trial. it is generally applied to criminal cases, and is then called criminal, instruction; it is then defined the acts and proceedings which tend to prove positively a crime or delict, in order to inflict on the guilty person the punishment which he deserves.

A Law Dictionary, Adapted to the Constitution and Laws of the United States. By John Bouvier. Published 1856.
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This study chose 6 of the natural classes (183 students), in which two classes from the experimental group (61 students) participate in the assisted instruction project (two classroom teaching, two computer-assisted instructions per week) and four classes (122 students) for the control group according to traditional classroom teaching (two intensive reading and two listening classes per week).
In the first session, the control group received a unit of computer-assisted instruction about fire-fighting.
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The goal of this research was to assess whether computer-assisted instruction impedes the use of language and social interaction in children with autism.
A comparison of computer-assisted instruction and classroom bibliographic instruction.
COMPUTER-ASSISTED INSTRUCTION IS REALLY nothing more than the electronic application of well-understood principles of learning that gave rise to the popularity, some years ago, of "programmed instruction." But if the instructional use of computers in libraries amounted to little more than self-paced, guided-task, learning, we should not be very interested.
Nuttall also is the ground-breaker in computer-assisted instruction providing inmates with software and training.
What types of software are used; i.e., computer-assisted instruction or other?
Upon returning from West Point, they further revised the program's training scenarios and computer-assisted instruction to fit contemporary policing issues.
Coursewriter (in later versions II and III) developed into an authoring language for computer-assisted instruction, as reported by Reeves (1986).
This method consisted of the use of computer-assisted instruction to teach them about blood counts.

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