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The Impact of Group Size and Social Presence on Small-Group Communication: Does Computer-Mediated Communication Make a Difference?
When cultures and computers collide: Rethinking computer-mediated communication according to international and intercultural communication expectations, Journal of Business and Technical Communication, 16, 196-214, doi: 10.
Literature Review Social presence has been defined as the degree to which participants in computer-mediated communication feel affectively connected to one another.
Computer-mediated communication for intellectual teamwork: An experiment in group work.
8] Computer-Mediated Communication Effects on Disclosure, Impressions, and Interpersonal Evaluations: Getting to Know One Another a Bit at a Time by Lisa Collins Tidwell 1 Joseph B.
Computer-mediated communication refers to "computer applications for direct human-to-human communication" (Santoro, 1995, p.
Computer-mediated communication (CMC) is an interdisciplinary subject area that spans fields as diverse as computer science, information technology, communication studies, linguistics, law, and education.
In our second survey, we employed the questionnaire item "My team were heavy users of computer-mediated communication.
Professor Jeff Hancock, director of Computer-Mediated Communication Research at Cornell University, has led the research on the EUR500,000 lie detection package.
Computer-mediated communication in collaborative educational settings: Report of the ITiCSE '97 working group on CMC in collaborative educational settings.
This study quantitatively synthesized the empirical research of the gender effects on people's communicative, interactive, affective, and process patterns using computer-mediated communication (CMC).
Computer-mediated communication environments in teacher education: Computer conferencing and the supervision of student teachers.

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