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This does not mean, however, that these on-campus students do not use computer-mediated communication (CMC) media when interacting with each other in colocated project teams.
For #AgChat respondents, the social presence item stating computer-mediated communication messages convey feeling and emotion showed a low to medium positive correlation with six other statements about satisfaction.
It is however hoped that the models presented in this paper will further reduce the 'knowledge gap' between the scholars of the conventional communication media technology and the new media of the Internet and the mobile phone as a means of advancing literature in computer-mediated communication and by extension the field of communication studies in Nigeria and Africa, where media technology is uniquely appropriated against socio-cultural backgrounds.
When cultures and computers collide: Rethinking computer-mediated communication according to international and intercultural communication expectations, Journal of Business and Technical Communication, 16, 196-214, doi: 10.1177/1050651902016002003
The belief that computer-mediated communication, in particular asynchronous communication, allows students to communicate more freely may be a belief not based on data.
(2.) Puschmann, Cornelius (2010), The Corporate Blog as an Emerging Genre of Computer-mediated Communication: Features, Constraints, Discourse Situation.
Media interactivity is most commonly associated with computer-mediated communication, providing an opportunity for the public to make its presence felt in a mediated context.
Computer-mediated communication (CMC) is an interdisciplinary subject area that spans fields as diverse as computer science, information technology, communication studies, linguistics, law, and education.
The experiences, challenges, tensions and strategies for effective consulting relationships heavily supported by computer-mediated communication in international contexts are discussed.
As a scientist, I am often interested in understanding the history of my research area of interest, computer-mediated communication (CMC), and past research findings will typically inform and guide my current investigation.
Computer-mediated communication in the online classroom.
People may want face time with their elephants, but when they try interacting with human beings different from themselves, virtual is better, argue two Israel-based researchers in The Journal of Computer-Mediated Communication (April 2006).

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