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With so much left up to faith on our part, then, we can see that gritty realist writing is, as always, a con job, like the shell game in "O Street" which Beth watches.
What's not so well-known are the ways to spot a potential con job.
Coventry's Clive Owen is now fully established as a Hollywood leading man and has been busy making THE INTERNATIONAL (15), in which he plays an Interpol agent trying to expose a corrupt bank, and DUPLICITY, in which he and Julia Roberts are spies pulling off the ultimate con job on their bosses.
The signs are amassing that Barack Obama put a political con job over on the American people.
Obama is spending millions of dollars from shady and fake campaign contributors including "Doodad Pro" and "Good Will" to try to buy a record with Latinos, and the mainstream media are complicit in the con job.
He quite rightly wants to sort out the con job over prison sentences which short-changes and insults the victims of crime.
The episode centres on two well-known lags Oates and Kibber and a pounds 2 million con job they've been brewing up while serving time at Her Majesty's Pleasure.
That con job doesn't wash any longer and unionists aren't prepared to continue with an allinclusive executive.
Their titular head is Sky Masterson, who pulls a con job on Salvation Army worker Sarah Brown but ends up falling in love with her.
His sponsors, sensing a con job, pulled out and even though the Web site is now up and running, law suits are flying thick and fast.
WTCONC is about agreements and betrayals, unreasonable promises scrawled in vanishing ink into a fraudulent social contract, the art of the con job on a massive scale.