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Con woman Devine, who drove a Ferrari Testarossa sports car and owned six houses, intended to build the dream castle in nearby Ballymoate with her illegal profits.
Just like in her current offences, the con woman posed as a rich businesswoman when in fact she was virtually penniless.
And Rachel McAdams plays con woman Irene Adler, a worthy adversary who has managed to capture Holmes's heart.
CHEATED: Lucy Dixon (left( and Alison Rayner taken in by con woman who looks like Cher (below)
LANCASTER - Arrested at a Lancaster home within hours of failing to appear in court, convicted con woman Michelle Egberts-Greene was sentenced Wednesday to two years in prison.
Contains: Swearing, sex and violence SETH Gordon's brash comedy, a smash-hit on the other side of the Atlantic, pits a kind-hearted family man (Jason Bateman) against the feisty con woman (Bridesmaids scene-stealer Melissa McCarthy) who has pilfered his personal details.
The movie's director, Parmeet Sethi, said he was " a little hesitant initially" about casting Anushka in the role of a sexy con woman.
No, it was originally coined by Robert Benchley's press agent and was taken up by Mae West in her 1937 comedy Every Day's A Holiday where she was a con woman who sold the Brooklyn Bridge to suckers.
WICKED con woman Emma Charlton's shocking web of lies have landed her behind bars for a second time, it can now be revealed.
She also comes across a blind con woman called Lizzie (played by Kitty McGeever, who lost her sight six years ago due to her diabetes).
You are not dealing with a supermodel or a cunning con woman.
Still Breathing: Naive street person Brendan Fraser falls for con woman Joanna Going.